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Beach Head Accessories Ideal for Summer

summer hatWith the summer days approaching, trying to look your best for the warmer days is certainly something to look forward to. While you may have been bunched up or had layers to wear for spring, summer has a different appeal to look forward to. One of the things to consider is how to appreciate the presence of the sun while it’s still around. This would mean trying to lessen the chances of shade. Despite that, it’s important to let your body cool off when you have the time.

If you’re hoping to bring your style with you to the beach, there’s a lot of hair ornaments or accessories that you can add to your getup. Normally, you’d want to employ the aid of a sunhat to keep yourself well cared while under the sun. It’s also a good choice if you have a bad set of acne as you don’t want the sun to further aggravate your inflamed skin. However, relying only on a sun hat is going to whittle down your clothing choices.

A head wrap can put some color to your dark hair. If you don’t want to look too plain, use a colorful headwrap to put some color to your attire. Most women use headwraps to keep their stray hair in check while not sacrificing the style. It’s a great way to put on a statement. You can also add some sunglasses to create a posh look. Sunglasses make great protective gear against the sun’s harsh rays. Always opt for the specs that have UV protection.

Another choice would be a simple pair of sunglasses on your hair. This may not work well for those with shorter locks as your sunglasses can slip off easily. A headband may do the trick but having a pair of sunglasses on your head does send a statement.

Ways To Enjoy The Beach

pexels-photo-191741 (1)With the days getting warmer and warmer, one can’t help but find themselves by the beach. Be it with family or friends, there are quite a lot of things to do by the shore. If you’re not so sure what to do, here are some suggestions and quirky ideas if you’re up for it:

– Sunbathing. This is one of the most common ways to enjoy the beach. With little to no obstruction in the way, it’s not surprising a lot of individuals lie about and bask as much as they want under the sun. If you’re a tanning enthusiast and currently by the beach, you’ll want to lather some sunscreen and get your share of tan while you’re there.

– Beach volleyball or frisbee. If you’re a group of friends hoping to have some fun, bring a net and a volleyball or even a frisbee can work. These are more rigorous choices but add the fun factor. Why not do an impromptu competition? You’ll even burn off the extra calories from the heavy lunch you had earlier!

– Break a watermelon! While that does sound odd, it’s actually one of the common tradition for Japanese individuals by the beach. The game is you have to blindfold the one who has to break the watermelon. It’s somewhat like a grounded version of a piñata; and instead of candies, you’re treated to some serving of smashed fruit. While it may sound crude, it’s a good way to get a laugh out of anyone.

– Appreciate the marine life. Be it swimming or just watching some creatures waddled during low tide, if you’re a marine enthusiast this is one of the best things to do. Certain beaches boast a grand display of corals and marine life underwater while some sport a good set of rocks where crabs and even starfishes like to hide during the latter part of the day.

Travel Tips for Sunbathing Addict

pexels-photo-191741Sunbathe addicts are probably addict to where the sun is drown all year round. They never stop scouting for sunbathing spots especially beautiful beaches all over the world just to feed their hobby of sunbathing. They will go for a travel anywhere in the world just to meet Mr. Sun to kiss their skin and make it glow. Before you grab your robe and sunscreen, check out these travel tips for sunbath lovers who would go for an escapade around the world.

  • Plan your trip

Before you fly to reach your most sought-after sunbathing spot, plan your trip first. Aside from your travel budget, one of the most important things you need to check are your travel documents, especially your passport and visa if the country you are bound to requires visa. Check and make a reservation in advance to the hotel or resort where you plan to stay especially during peak seasons to make sure you will have an accommodation.

  • Make a budget plan for your expenses

Every single detail of your expenses from your ticket, terminal tax and other taxes, accommodation expenses including foods and lodging, travel expenses around the destination like renting a car, shopping, and other possible expenses should be sorted out. Make sure you allocate enough budget for every little thing you are going to spend. Make your budget flexible enough or bring extra cash or credit card for unavoidable expenses.

  • Research about your trip

Before any disappointments occur upon reaching your destination, do some research about your itinerary like how long will your trip take, how accommodating is the place, and other possible hindrances that may prevent you from reaching the place. Check the web or ask your friends or relatives who had been there for some info about your destination. If you have extra budget, you may hire a travel agent to guide you to the best sunbathing spot in that place. Check out also the currency you are going to use and the currency conversion, as well as your credit card if it is accepted in that place.

  • Pack your health and hygiene things

Don’t you ever forget your health and hygiene things and have a list of things that you need especially your medicine. Take with you extra medicine for headache, stomachache or diarrhea, dizziness and other unnecessary feelings you may encounter during your travel and during your stay there. Don’t let sickness spoil fun and enjoyment in your trip. And of course, don’t forget your sunscreen and sunbathing wardrobe!

Self Tanning Tips for Travel Junkies

One of the biggest hurdles to enjoying a good tan could be traveling. If you’re one that matches this article’s title, it may be quite a luxury to sit down and enjoy the bronze tone. If you’ve been dying to get the particular tone but have no time to bask much of the sun or to visit your local sunbathing salon, have no fear.

beach-455752_1280Self tanners are the answer to this little hurdle. While they are easily stored in your bags, self tanners can be tedious upon application. If you’re new to the whole self tanning approach, no need to be worried. These tips are directed to new or constant users of self tanning products.

Make sure your body is ready.

By ready, it means you’ve had your share of exfoliation and shaving. Exfoliation is an important trip prior self tanning since it evens out your skin. Over time, dead skin cells and dirt clump to our body and tanning over these impurities can cause an uneven complexion.

Shaving is ideal since you don’t want to have your hair follicles to be dyed brown. Additionally, this also lessens the chances of streaking since there are no hair follicles for the bronzer to adhere to.

The Ideal Self Tanner on the Go

Now that you’ve got your body ready for self tanning, you’ll need to make sure that your self tanner works best for you. It’s important to test out if your skin is compatible with the bronzing agent of choice- we don’t want to have any allergic reactions. If you’re a little unsure, you might want to try out some organic self tanners from Thermalabs.

Now that you’re sure on what brand you’re getting, let’s try to see the various kinds of self tanning approaches. There are various methods of self tanning. One of the most conventional methods is the simple lotion-like bronzing agent which you apply with the aid of a tanning mitt. Another method would be towelettes which are like tissues that you rub down your body.

With your self tan, there’s a lot to do as it adheres to your skin. An important note to keep is to wear breathable and dark colored clothes to avoid staining your clothing. You also might want to do the self tanning at night so the tan sets in much easier.

With these steps, traveling around while still enjoying a tan is no longer a big hurdle.

Christmas Tanning: Great Places to Treat Your Beach Body!

595x327 Best Tanning size

Let’s face it: most of us love the relaxing and rewarding benefits of staying long hours under the sun. What more if we can get to enjoy the lovely view of the beach and natural surrounding? Here are some of the best places to visit this season so you’ve got to satisfy the inner traveler in you and your beach-addict skin.

  1. Australia

Australia beach backgroundIf you enjoy beach parties and cooking outdoors, you better explore Australia. You might as well have fun with kangaroos instead of snowmen. This is the place where you can bare yourself and embrace the rays of the sun. You can also try day diving to witness the beauty of Great Barrier Reef. If you are tired of lying in the sand, spend some time building sand castles under the sun.

  1. Canary Islands, Spain

Canary Islands is another beautiful place to get soaked and wet all day. You won’t have to worry about freezing and catching colds here. Cruising and sun bathing are just some of the things you can enjoy alone or with your loved ones. If you love extreme sports, there are many water sports to try. Whether you love watching the sea or being at the sea, Canary Islands can offer you warmth and comfort this Christmas.

  1. Thailand

Most Asian countries have longer summer. In fact, there are places there that have only two seasons: rainy season and sunny season. While the sun is up, you have all the chance to fulfill your sun bathing addiction. Thailand is known as the “land of smiles” and the beaches are well known tourist spots. You can also find inner peace here by getting acquainted to nature and exploring Buddhist temples.

  1. Dubai

No, desert doesn’t mean NO FUN. In fact, the thought of visiting Dubai can result to a long shopping list! This is a great place to visit for shopaholics and beauty enthusiast alike. You can get romantic or adventurous here. If you’d like a piece of the dazzling sea water, go kayaking in the Arabian Gulf.

  1. Bora Bora

If you are looking for an island escapade, then Bora Bora is the ideal getaway for you. You will be impressed with the mesmerizing views of the lagoon and barrier reef. The breathtaking freshness of water will make you swim all day. Tap the beach goddess in you by visiting Matira Beach and Coral Gardens. If you want to get yourself pampered with natural beauty (especially if your skin is begging for your kindness), do watch the remarkable sunset in Bora Bora.