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The Risks and Rewards of Tanning Beds

tanning bedsTanning can give anyone the boost of confidence that make does. The only difference is, tanning is a semi-permanent approach since you don’t need to commit a lot of time to putting it on any day. With tanning, you can get an even tone and even cover up any scars that you’re too conscious with. Thus, tanning has become quite an appealing and uplifting trend that a lot of individuals make use of.

There are various methods to getting a tan. One good example would be through indoor tanning. Indoor tanning makes use of various contraptions or machines that can help you get a tan without being out under the sun for hours on end.

There’s a lot to consider when using a tanning bed. Some of the pros are how effective it can be. Using a tanning bed can give you the tan within less time than sunbathing. It’s straightforward since you just need to lie inside the bed and let the machine do the work. As mentioned, it doesn’t need a lot of time to work with so you can set your schedule to getting at most 30 minutes in the tanning bed per day.

While this may sound like a very convenient approach to getting your tan, tanning beds are not a safer option than sunbathing. Due to how concentrated they are, tanning beds can deal a much stronger dose of UV radiation than sunbathing. You also need to consider getting some protection for your eyes while you tan as your eyelid cannot fend off the UV rays. There’s still the chance of getting sunburn through this method and you can also hasten the aging of your skin. You’ll still need to lather some sunscreen beforehand. Unfortunately, absorbing too much UV rays can lead to a higher risk of getting skin cancer.

Is Tanning Bed Safe for Kids

tanning for kidsTanning can be done by anyone. In fact, if you stay out under the sun too much, you’d get tanned skin as a side effect. While many children get their tan from staying outdoors, there are some that opt to get their tan in other means. One of the methods to get one’s tan is through tanning beds or tanning salons. Tanning salons works like sunbathing; the only difference is you’re in a much private setting and the dose of UV rays you get from tanning salons or tanning beds is concentrated.

While there’s no immediate harm when using tanning beds, you’re putting yourself in a lot of harm. Tanning through tanning beds can still give you sunburn and cause premature aging of your skin. These are some of the common issues you’ll encounter. Unfortunately, another way for tanning beds to hurt you would be to induce skin cancer. A very aggressive form of skin cancer, melanoma, can still be acquired through exposure to tanning beds. This doesn’t need to be consistent exposure. In some individuals who sparsely expose themselves to the UV radiation from tanning beds, have proven to get skin cancer. If UV radiation is done constantly, imagine the amount of damage it has done to one’s skin.

In fact, in certain states, eighteen is the legal age for individuals to use a tanning bed. With that thought in mind, children should not get inside tanning beds. If they’re adamant on getting their own tan, using a self tanner would be the most ideal method. Self tanners do not cause any harm to one’s skin and can be easily removed through cleansing.

A child’s skin is very sensitive so putting it under harsh conditions is going to do long-lasting damage that can’t be undone in the years to come.

Services You Can Get from a Tanning Salon

pexels-photo-275851Tanning can be daunting especially if you’re used to the usual bathe under the sun until brown method. If you’re not one to sit idly and soak up much of the sun’s rays, you might opt to get your tan through a tanning salon. Ideally, tanning salons offer you the chance to get tan through the means of a tanning bed but they could also offer you a lot more if you’re not always in the tanning mood. To get a better idea, here are some of the services that can be availed from a tanning salon:

  • Most tanning salons offer tanning beds for you to tan. Entitled to these amenities are some accessories that you’ll need during tanning such as the eye protector. On some cases, certain salons also offer spray tanning which is a kind of tanning that doesn’t make use of UV rays to darken the pigmentation of your skin. Another perk to getting a spray tan is contouring how your tan looks.
  • No one wants to be hampered by hairy limbs so waxing is a service that most tanning salons offer. Having excess body hair can lead to an uneven tanning due to the hair follicles getting in the way on the distributing of the UV rays or the self tanner.
  • Hairstyling and Makeup. Much like any usual salon, most tanning salons also offer the usual hair and makeup options. It’s actually quite a deal. Once you’re done beautifying yourself with a tan, you can easily prep yourself for whatever trip you’re going by opting for a hair and makeup in the same salon you got your tan in.

Not all tanning salons could have all these services thus it’s always best to check the tanning salon you’re going to try out to make the most of out what they cater. In most cases, they might also have packages that you can enjoy!

Tanning Bed Risks You Should be Aware Of


best-tanning-banner_03Time and time again, we’ve always been enamored by the beauty of bronze-colored skin. We’ve come across various lengths just to achieve the color. It’s no surprise that tanning beds are quite a rage with their ability to give you the tanned skin you’ve always wanted.

Yet despite the wondrous color it gives you, tanning beds are more bane than boon to an individual. From recent research, tanning beds have been proven to increase the chances of cancer in women. This is due to the high amount of UV radiation that is used during the tanning process.

woman sunbathing in the solariumDespite the harmful effects of tanning, various individuals could still be hooked to using tanning beds. Surprising as it may be but tanning incorporates your body with the much needed feel-good chemicals thus causing an addiction to the process itself.

Now, you can still enjoy tanned skin without having to go to your local tanning salons. There are actually a lot of self-tanning products available. Self-tanning products are cosmetic items that aid in providing you a tan complexion without the aid of a tanning bed.

But why should you try out using a self-tan product over the usage of a tanning bed or even tanning lamps?

Tanning Beds are a Bane of Existence

Just what was said earlier, having too much UV exposure can surely spell out with cancer. In the long run, your body’s going to experience cellular deterioration due to consistent radiation. No one wants to age prematurely while tanning right?

Self-Tan has added bonuses

Having a hard time with your dry skin? Self-tan products have better chances of helping you sort out your uneven skin texture than tanning beds. In fact, most of the self-tanning items provide your skin with the much needed nourishment that is usually lost when using a tanning bed.

An Even Tan

Despite being a full body tanning machine, the tanning bed can cause an uneven coverage thus causing darker patches over the others. On the other hand, using a self-tan can guarantee that you’re distributing just as much attention from one limb to the other.

With that thought in mind, you should skip out on those weekly tanning bed sessions and try a much simpler approach to tanning with the aid of self-tan products.