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Sun Tanning Risks You Should be Aware Of

sun tanningTanning is a common trend that a lot of individuals want to maximize. It’s not surprising since the benefits of tanning can be a great impact to anyone’s appearance. The common way to get one’s share of tan is through sunbathing. It’s the most straightforward approach to getting a tan. You need only the sun and some sunscreen to be able to enjoy a summer glow. While this trend has been around for quite some time, it’s only through recent years that we see how hazardous sunbathing can be.

If you’ve had your share of frolicking in under the sun as a child, you might be quite familiar with sunburn. Sunburn is a common occurrence when you’re out in the sun too long. It’s not really a nice experience. The best way around this would be to lather some sunscreen to your skin at least every two hours to prevent the sun from doing too much harm to your skin.

Another case to consider would be sun stroke. It’s not a joke that the environment around us is getting warmer and warmer. Summers tend to be quite hot and turning up the AC can only do so much. Try to stay in the shade when you can, give yourself some intervals to let your body rest if you opt to do some sun tanning.

Lastly, absorbing too much UV rays can lead to melanoma, which is a very aggressive form of skin cancer. This type of skin cancer has caused numerous fatalities and brought skin cancer as the fourth most common cancer across the globe.

With these things to consider, one can’t just dive into sunbathing by throwing caution to the wind. Although sunbathing can be hazardous, this doesn’t always deter tanning addicts thus it’s a good practice to tan responsibly.

Beach Head Accessories Ideal for Summer

summer hatWith the summer days approaching, trying to look your best for the warmer days is certainly something to look forward to. While you may have been bunched up or had layers to wear for spring, summer has a different appeal to look forward to. One of the things to consider is how to appreciate the presence of the sun while it’s still around. This would mean trying to lessen the chances of shade. Despite that, it’s important to let your body cool off when you have the time.

If you’re hoping to bring your style with you to the beach, there’s a lot of hair ornaments or accessories that you can add to your getup. Normally, you’d want to employ the aid of a sunhat to keep yourself well cared while under the sun. It’s also a good choice if you have a bad set of acne as you don’t want the sun to further aggravate your inflamed skin. However, relying only on a sun hat is going to whittle down your clothing choices.

A head wrap can put some color to your dark hair. If you don’t want to look too plain, use a colorful headwrap to put some color to your attire. Most women use headwraps to keep their stray hair in check while not sacrificing the style. It’s a great way to put on a statement. You can also add some sunglasses to create a posh look. Sunglasses make great protective gear against the sun’s harsh rays. Always opt for the specs that have UV protection.

Another choice would be a simple pair of sunglasses on your hair. This may not work well for those with shorter locks as your sunglasses can slip off easily. A headband may do the trick but having a pair of sunglasses on your head does send a statement.

2018 Summer Tanning Guide

summer 2018Summer is just a few days away and we’re going to be looking forward to our shade of bright sunny days. This is the season where a lot of individuals make the most out of their share of the sun. One of the most common trends for summer is sunbathing, at times indoor tanning. It’s the prime time to get a summer glow to strut around.


While tanning is not a new concept, there are still some things to consider when it comes to tanning. This also boils down on what method you use to get your summer glow. If you want to make the most of out your tanning for summer, here are some things to consider:


  • For any method of tanning, always make sure to wax off at least two days before getting a tan. You can exfoliate your skin a day before to make sure that your tan lasts longer. It’s easier for tanned skin to stay good and last longer if you work on a fresh palette.
  • For sunbathing, to expedite the time your skin can tan, make use of tanning oils. Tanning oils, such as coconut oil or olive oil, amplify the strength of the sun’s rays to easily get your tanned skin. This lessens the time you are under the sun as well as putting less stress on your skin.
  • For a better tanning experience, you can make use of self tanners to get your tan. Self tanners lessen the chances of putting yourself at risk of getting skin cancer. Taking in a lot of the sun’s UV rays can lead to skin cancer or even irreversible damage to your skin. With little clouds to block of the sun, it’s always a good idea to lessen the chances of being out and about under the sun’s strong rays.

Sunbathing Places for Summer

sunbathing places for summerSummer is a few weeks upon us. We’re going to be experiencing a lot of warmer days and sunnier atmosphere. That’s a good change of pace from the normal chilly winds of spring. With the coming of summer is also the time for sunbathing.

It’s quite common to see individuals sprawling along the beach just trying to get as much of the sun on their skin. Sunbathing is a common activity to do by the beach since there’s little to no chances of being shaded along the shoreline. If you wouldn’t want the long drive just to get your share of the sun, there are also some alternative places to be.

A good place to do your sunbathing would be an open park. It’s not common to see scantily clad individuals lying about in the park but it’s also not prohibited. Although, it is also a good call to ask the park attendants ahead if sunbathing is permitted in the area. The only down side with sunbathing in the park is how difficult it can be to find a private space to cool off or have a shaded area unless you bring in your umbrella. Chances are, the parking lot is also very far away so you’ll be lugging your things from quite a distance.

If you have a wide area for a backyard with little coverage, this is also a great space to get your sunbathing done. The perks of sunbathing in your yard is the privacy and the amenities of your home at your reach. You also save a lot of gas and time compared to going to the beach. A downside would be how the sun shines on your yard. You might want to determine what time of the day you’ll be sunbathing to maximize your time spent on getting a tan.

The Rewards of Tanning at the Beach

tan at the beachSunbathing is one of the most common things to do by the beach. It’s not surprising since you just need some sunscreen, a towel to lie on and the sun in all its shining glory to work with. But why is the beach more rewarding than any other place to tan.

Firstly, it’s normal to be scantily clad by the beach. With a lot of individuals in their bare minimum on the clothing, it’s not a sin to be in your bikini or Speedos when you want to tan. Thus you can enjoy much of the sun without having to cover up for modesty.

Another thing to consider is how there is little obstruction when trying to bathe under the sun. Since there’s little to no foliage by the beach, you can soak as much of the sun’s rays without disturbance. It might be a good idea to set up in a place where it isn’t crowded since you’re going to be lying down for quite some time. To lessen the time you’re under the sun, you can also make use of tanning oils.

If you want to cool down from sunbathing, you can simply go and take a dip. With the sea just a few steps away, you can really enjoy your tanning session. It’s always a good idea to take a few minutes to cool off before lying down and soaking much of the rays again. Make sure to re-apply your sunscreen every two to three hours.

Another reward why tanning is awesome by the beach? You can bring the whole troupe along. A group of people, be it family or friends, is a common sight by the beach. If you have been hoping to enjoy a good tanning session with some friends, the beach is a perfect place to tan and spend time together.

How Tanning Became Fashionable

above-1807461_640Tanning has become quite the fashion statement. Through the years, many individuals have praised tanning as a great way to improve one’s look. It’s one of the most sought after skin complementing techniques across the world.

In fact, tanning wasn’t really a big thing before. Tanning was a result of a medical experiment. Did you know that sunlight has been known to help ease one’s downs? Many doctors sought the use of light therapy to boost one’s mental health. In fact, indoor tanning is a means to help one out during the colder months. Since sun showers are made to replicate the warmth of the sun, they also carry the sun’s UV rays in a similar fashion. Tanned skin turns out to be a common outcome for this experiment.

Another factor to the trend of tanning is how color pops out in television. It wasn’t so long ago wherein television was still black and white. Much of the color is derived by how light or how dark one’s appearance is. As color was slowly introduced to our favorite television sets, tanned skin pops out more than one’s normal pallor. Thus, actors and actresses were encouraged to get a tan so they can stand out more on tv.

Having a tan was also a social status. Back then, we prized fair skin as an asset that only those who are rich and well-off can have. With hardly any sunlight to grace them, the pale skin tone was a sight to behold. However, that concept changed when tanning grew. Getting a tan means you have the time and money to spend to getting a tan. Many individuals wanted to get this foothold in society. However, not everyone had the money to spare thus relied on indoor tanning to achieve such a glow.

Nowadays, having a tan greatly improves one’s body image and appreciation of their looks.

Signs You’ve Been Outside In The Sun For Too Long

Having your share of the sun is not wrong. At times, some doctors actually advise individuals have even a small dose of the sun’s rays. Unfortunately, some individuals tend to get overboard and soak too much of the vitamin D than is advised.

Having too much of the sun’s rays can be harmful, if you’re not aware. It’s been studied and proven that too much exposure to the sun can lead to a lot of skin damage. Sunburn is the least of your problems as consistent absorption of the sun’s UV rays can lead to higher chances of getting skin cancer. In fact, due to sunbathing or overexposure to the sun, melanoma, a very aggressive form of skin cancer, is widely found in one in every five individuals. That makes skin cancer the top four cancers on the list.

Nobody wants to get to such a grim fate thus it’s best to know of the signs that you’ve got too much sun for today.

One of the common signs would be sunburn. It’s not a surprise as too much of the sun can lead to sunburn especially if you’re not the type of person to lather on some sunscreen before going out. Sunburn is an effect wherein your skin becomes hypersensitive and red due to too much sun exposure.

If you’re someone who puts on a good layer of sunscreen, then you might be tan from your excursion. Tanning is a good asset to boost one’s look to others it’s a product of a good time by the beach. Regardless of what you think, tanned skin is a side-effect of your skin fighting off the sun’s UV rays while avoiding the chance of sunburn. The discoloration happens due to melanin trying to take care of the damage from being exposed to the sun for such a long time.

Myths about Sunburn

pexels-photo-319930Skin cancer is no laughing matter. It’s not the top four cancer on the list for nothing thus it’s always best to try to find ways to avoid being in a predicament of inhibiting skin cancer. There’s a lot of here say, there say for this case. Most people know that consistent exposure to the sun can lead to skin cancer, that’s actually a fact. However, does having sunburn give you more chances to getting skin cancer? That’s another matter at hand and to best understand that, here are some myths debunked to give you a better idea of how sunburn, the sun and skin cancer work out.

You’d think that cloudier days are days that are better outside. Unfortunately, that’s a myth. Clouds don’t help block out the sun. In fact, as much as 40% of the sun’s rays can get through clouds and still give you a nasty burn.

Dark skinned individuals aren’t safe from getting sunburn; a myth that most people still believe in. Dark skinned individuals have just as much chances of getting sunburn as those with fair skin. Although, those with a lighter tone may get it faster; having more melanin in your skin doesn’t give you a better defense against the sun. The sun does not distinguish people based on color thus anyone who walks under the sun without any sunscreen is bound to get sunburn.

Putting on sunscreen once is enough to protect you for the entire duration of the trip or the day. That’s actually a lie and this is probably one of the most known myths in the community. Sunscreen works like powder or lotion. Sunscreen diminishes its protection after two or three hours. This means that your protection against the sun’s rays is good only for a few hours. After two or three hours, you’ll need to re-apply the sunscreen.

Finding What To Wear For Your Beach Getaway

Trying to look your best for your outing can be quite a hectic ordeal. If you’re trying to impress someone or just hoping to find clothes that would best match your taste, the list goes on and on. When it comes to the beach, you’ll want to get something you’re comfortable with.

On most cases, many individuals opt to wear clotswimwearhes that expose a lot of skin. If that’s something you’re not comfortable with or you’re hoping to spice your wardrobe for this getaway, you can also try these tips for your beach outing:

– A sun hat. While it can make or break a look, getting a sun hat is important for any beach trip. Being under the sun is going to spell a lot of danger for your body if you’re not careful.

– Loose clothes. Most people opt to wear loose clothing especially ones that are easily removed if you’ve worn your swimming gear underneath. Be sure to choose light colors as dark colors tend to soak much of the sun’s heat and you’ll end up cooking yourself before hitting the waters. Women usually opt for a loose dress while men don their shirts and shorts.

– Crop tops or high waist shorts are an ideal choice for women. Just like what was previously mentioned, women tend to go for risqué clothing. This appeal comes with the promise of dipping in the cool waters so you can opt to get some snazzy statement tops while sporting the daintiest shorts.

– Or you could opt to wear your swim wear and pair it up with any shirt. It’s guaranteed to be your perfect go-to attire for the beach.

Despite what you wear, it’s still important to lather on some sunscreen. Throw in a pair of shades, and you’re set to get some much needed Vitamin D by the beach.

The Evolution of Tanning

pexels-photo-26183 (1)Tanning has come a long way. Many have praised it for how well it boosts one’s look as well as being able to hide any imperfections on one’s body. There has been a lot of ways that tanning can be achieved and that’s how the evolution has gone through.

Firstly, we have sunbathing as a manner of tanning. This is no surprise as the earliest manner of tanning is through this means. Back when everything was still simple, sunbathing has been the go-to method of tanning. It’s also because of how straightforward and cost-efficient this method it. It’s also the manner of how tanning was discovered thus we have sunbathing to thank for the humbler beginnings of self tanning.

Second method of tanning is through the means of indoor tanning. Tanning beds and tanning showers have begun to rise as an alternative to sunbathing. Not everyone has the time to commit to lying under the sun for hours on end. Tanning salons give individuals the chance to get their sun-kissed tone without having too much commitment in tanning. Tanned individuals are viewed as athletic and well-off, thus it’s no surprise that a lot of people jumped into the tanning bandwagon.

Self tanners come in last, despite being present during the time that tanning beds have made a staple hold on the tanning industry. It’s been known and proven that soaking up too much UV rays can cause a lot of harm to one’s body. With the recent rise of cancer and the aversion to getting sunburn from tanning beds or sunbathing, individuals have begun to explore tanning through self tanners. It’s only recent that there’s a better traction of self tanners due to the rise of melanoma, an aggressive form of skin cancer, making its name as the top four cancers on the list.