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Why You Should not Rush Self Tanning

With the wintry months here, it’s impossible to get any tanning down if you rely on sunbathing. While indoor tanning is a good option, it’s not the healthiest. Thus, we turn to self tanning if you want to sport tanned skin during the cold months.
Self tanning is the method of getting a tan without relying on the sun or UV rays. This is a topical approach, so it can be a very tedious task. Since it is very tricky to work with self tanners, it’s not a good idea to rushing in. As the title says, here are reasons why you shouldn’t be too quick in handling self tanners:
Very important tip; make sure to exfoliate your skin before you tan. You want to get rid of the old tan while also helping your new tan last longer.
You can easily get streaks. Self tanning streaks can be easily remedied by dabbing the dark spots with some lemon using a cotton ball. However, to avoid getting streaks in the first place, it would be best to avoid rushing on putting the tanner to your skin. Dab slowly and build up the color of the tan until you get the desired shade.
Since self tanners are applied to your skin, it’s important to remember that it takes time for the tanner to dry on your skin. The best time to put on your self tanner would be at night, preferably during the weekends if you have no plans. Make sure that you apply your self tanner is a well ventilated room to avoid sweating or making it dry too quickly due to the cold. If you are rushing your self tanner, you may stain your clothes or your furniture. For better results let the tanner sit overnight to prevent this from happening.

How to Self Tan Without Ugly Streaks

Self-tanning can be quite a tedious approach to getting one’s tan. Normally, you’d get your share of bronze skin through sunbathing and indoor tanning. While these are the usual methods to tanning, these methods are also very unhealthy. Did you know that consistently exposing to UV radiation can heighten the chances of getting cancer? Sunburn and uneven tanned skin may not be the only harm that we’re going to experience if we aren’t going to be keen on the methods of our tanning. Thus we have to rely on self tanning to get our tanning done.

Since self tanning is a method of applying the tanner to your skin, beginners can experience ugly streaks. Additionally, one can also experience a lot of uneven skin tone if not done correctly. In order to avoid these kinds of results, here are some ways to get a great self tanning experience without having to worry about the mishaps:

– Make sure to dab the self tanner to your skin slowly and gradually. Putting on a thick layer will only cause it to run thus resulting in streaking. Make sure to dab lightly until you get the desired saturation of the tan.

– Start from the bottom and work from there. But doing your feet first, you can also bending over and trying to applying the tanner on the lower part of your body. If you start at the top, putting on tanner by yourself can cause your skin to crease and even the tanner on your skin to run. This makes very unsightly tanning marks.

– Make sure that your room is well-ventilated to avoid sweating which can cause your self tanner to run. Sweating or even crying causes your skin to wash the tanner off which can leave embarrassing trail marks that can take some time to be sorted out.

Should You Update Your Skincare in the Upcoming Christmas Season?

christmas skinTaking good care of your skin is an important step to looking your best. If you don’t make it a habit to pamper your skin, you’ll end up having a bad cause of acne or worse, scars and much dangerous skin ailments.

One of the biggest hurdles in keeping up with a good skin care regimen is the changing of seasons. One can argue that skin care products don’t really need to change per season since you’re still pampering the same skin type. While this is understandable, it’s not the most helpful. Our skin adapts to our environment and since seasons make a drastic change to the environment, we too need to shift our skin care product to accommodate the season we’re living in.
Christmas season is especially harsh on our skin and you’ll find to regret that skin care products you used during summer or autumn may not prove helpful during the cold days of winter. Some chemicals aren’t even geared for winter and thus might even aggravate your skin instead of helping it out.
Thus, the logical approach should be to change your skin care products to accommodate the change in season. It’s also a good practice to change your skin care products since your skin may adapt differently to the change in temperature. If you have sensitive skin, it’s very important to switch to a skin care regimen that can work around with the season.
While it is understandable to stick to the previous season’s skin care products since you still have some left over, it’s best to finish them as soon as possible then purchase a set of skin care items for the current season. Slowly incorporating the much skin care items can help transition your skin to the current season. You don’t want to shock your skin with a sudden shift of skin care products.

Should You Shop For Self Tanners Online

online shoppingBuying items in supermarkets, groceries and etc can be taxing. It’s no wonder a lot of individuals opt to get their items delivered to their houses instead. With the comfort of the internet and delivery, it’s no surprise that most individuals these days want their items to be delivered in their doorstep instead of going out.

One of the items that can be bought online would be self tanners. Firstly, if you are new to self tanning, purchasing them online is not the best suggestion. You need to be sure of your skin type, your preferred tone and even the method of tanning you want to go through. For beginners, it’s always a good idea to get your firsthand experience at a shop or a store that sells self tanners.

Another concern to consider would be to purchase them from the source. Some middlemen might offer cheaper prices for the products but that could mean the expiry date is near or there’s something wrong with it. You never truly know why they sell it cheap until you get the item. To avoid this inconvenience, try to get your self tanners from the source that manufactures it.

If you want to try a new self tanner but there’s no stock of it in your city? Purchasing online will help you out. Reviews for each product can also help vouch the value of money you invest on a self tanner so make it a habit to check the reviews before buying an item.

Overall, purchasing self tanners online provides comfort if there aren’t any self tanners in stock or you have a particular brand in mind. It’s very comfortable since items are shipped to your doorstep. However, it pays to be prudent where you get your self tanners to avoid harm and deceit.

Finding Self Tanner for Your Skin Tone

skin toneSelf tanning can be a serious business. Why shouldn’t it be? Tanning has been around for quite some time that it’s not surprising to hear about individuals indulging in it. While anyone can get a tan, using the conventional methods such as sunbathing and indoor tanning can spell a lot of harm. It’s been found that consistent exposure to UV rays can heighten the chances of getting skin cancer. Due to sunbathing and indoor tanning, skin cancer has rose to be the fourth most common cancer across the globe.

It’s no wonder a lot of people are getting into self tanning to get their tanning needs. However, self tanning is no easy feat and should be looked into before i\diving into this method of tanning. If you’re not sure how to work with self tanners, here’s a guide on how you can choose one that works to your skin tone.

-Self tanners have a wide range of hues. Some can be a light brown to a strong orange saturation. First, you’ll need to be familiar with your skin tone, is it warm or cool? The undertones are another factor to choosing the right self tanner.

Individuals with pale skin will have a lot of work with. It’s best to gradually build up the tan on your skin as opposed to slathering it. For beginners, you may want to choose tans that aren’t that strong in color. It can be very daunting to start out strong for fair-skinned individuals.

If you have a medium tone, not too light and not too dark, you’re in luck. You can opt for a wide range of self tanners since you can choose to lightly color your skin or opt for a dark tone.

For those with dark skin, no need to worry. You can improve your skin tone by using a lighter self tanner to add some warmth or a darker one to give a much alluring appeal to your skin.

How to Achieve Even Tan for Body and Face

body and face tanGetting the perfect tan is one of the hardest things to achieve even to a tanning enthusiast. A lot of things can go wrong and it can lead to a bad experience when it comes to tanning. If you’d like to get the right tan for your face and body, you might resort to a doing a lot just to get the perfect tan. Tanning shouldn’t be such a stressful activity thus to ease the inconvenience, you can get the even tan on your face and body by following these steps:

  • Before you do your tanning, make sure to do your exfoliating and waxing ahead. Waxing should be two days before you tan while exfoliating should be a day at the least. This gives way for your skin to heal and pores to close before you tan. No one wants their pores to be very pronounced especially if you use self tanners as a tanning method.
  • If you’re going for sunbathing, make use of tanning oils. Coconut oil or olive oil can help speed up the tanning process so you don’t stay too long under the sun. Lather on both sides and make sure to tan at a specific time of the day. By being of the time you are sunbathing, you are optimizing the presence of the sun and the even distribution of the sun’s rays onto your skin.
  • For those who would make use of tanning beds, you may opt for lesser clothing and a good sunscreen for protection. Don’t forget to put on your protection goggles and remain still. It’s not for people who are claustrophobic but tanning beds help provide a concentrated set of UV rays to tan.
  • If all else fail from the methods above, self tanners are a great approach to getting the perfect tan. Since you can control the saturation of the tanner, you can distribute an even tone on your face and body.

Tips to Make Your Tan Last Longer

lasting tanGetting a great tan is the first step, trying to make it last is another. We’ve come across numerous complaints how tan can be easily removed or tampered. We surely don’t want to have an unsightly or imperfect tan despite our efforts nor do we want to shorten the time we have a tan. If you want to keep your tan looking great for quite some tip, you can follow some of these tips:

– Before you do your tan, exfoliate beforehand. Exfoliating makes way for younger skin which can be easily tanned or where self tanner can easily adhere to.

– Avoid the beach or showering with hot water. The salt content in the beach is going to dry your skin which hot water does as well. Dry skin is a bad recipe for tanned skin as it can lead to flaking off of various sections which cause a flawed tan.

– Keep yourself hydrated and moisturized. This is to add further context how dry skin is disruptive to a great tan. Make sure to use moisturizers or creams that are free of retinol since this chemical can easily wipe your self tan. Drink at least eight glasses of water a day to keep your water content in a good spot.

– Make use of sunscreen when you go. Just because you have tanned skin doesn’t mean you are already protected from the sun’s damage. One can still get sunburned despite having tanned skin so it’s a good practice to lather some sunscreen before heading out. For this concern, opt for a sunscreen that provides a wide spectrum and a high value of SPF.

– Make use of self tanners. You don’t always have all season to get your tan and chances are, it’d be too chilly to bask outside of your house. Self tanners give you that extra boost of keeping your tan without putting you through hours on end under the sun or inside a tanning bed.

Why UV-Free Tanning Becomes More Popular

lets tanTrying to get tan was normally done via sunbathing or indoor tanning. However, as the years have gone by; these methods of tanning have become quite hazardous. Not only do you have a chance to get sunburn but you also put yourself in a lot of harm. In fact, it has been proven that consistent exposure to UV radiation has caused the increase on individuals who have skin cancer. Melanoma, a very aggressive skin cancer, has been making rounds and caused numerous fatalities per year. It’s due to that factor that skin cancer has risen to be one of the most common cancer found worldwide.

Tanning is a hard habit to break but with the chance of getting a deadly disease, it can be a little disheartening to think that it’s the end. That’s actually not the end as there is a method to get tanned skin without using UV rays. This method is using self tanners.

Self tanners make use of chemicals to provide your skin with the summer glow. While dubbed as a ‘fake tan’, this UV-free tanning approach has become quite a hit. With no UV rays to work with, you’re not going to get any sunburn or skin cancer. Another factor why UV-free tanning has become a hit is how flexible it can be. If you are someone who has sensitive skin, you can still enjoy a sun-kissed glow by using self tanners.

Another reason why this method has gained approval is the fact that you can apply your tan anywhere. With no limitation to the location and the time frame, self tanners are quite an appealing method to getting a tan without putting yourself in harm’s way. If you’re hoping to get your sun-kissed glow, you might want to make use of a self tanner to get your tan.

How to Do Indoor Tanning Responsibly

indoorTanning is a beauty trend that has gained more and more traction among the masses. Not only is the appeal of tan skinned becoming quite a great aspect but with how much tanned skin can provide for you, tanning is a sure way to looking your best. If you’re not familiar with the benefits of getting a tan, some of it would be to cover up your flaws and even out your skin tone. The most common one of getting a tan would be sunbathing. Sunbathing needs only you and the sun to get your tan. However, if you’re someone who can’t dedicate hours on length to get their share of the sun, there’s always the option of getting a tan through a tanning bed or indoor tanning.

While indoor tanning sounds like a better and healthier option than sunbathing, it really isn’t. Indoor tanning has a more directed amount of UV rays which can cause more harm and raise the chances of giving you skin cancer. Thus said, it’s best to follow these steps to lessen the danger of getting skin cancer:

  • Lessen the instance of tanning in a week. If you’re the type to clock in half an hour a day for your indoor tanning, try to lessen the number. Your skin also needs to take a breather so it’s best to limit it at most twice or thrice a week.
  • Lather a good sunscreen and don’t miss any spot. Sunscreen is your initial defense against the UV rays before your skin. Using a reliable sunscreen will not only protect your skin from sunburn or overdoing the tan.
  • Make sure to wear protective gear for your eyes. Your eyes can be easily damaged if you don’t put on protective gear. The more you tan, the more you’re putting your eyes at harm.

How to Spot Fake Self Tanners

pexels-photo-209895Tanning has become quite the beauty trend these past few years. With numerous methods to a tan, it can be daunting to think which method is the best.

Unfortunately, it’s been known that sunbathing and indoor tanning have proven to commit adverse
effects to one’s body. In fact, it has been proven that consistently exposing yourself to the sun or to UV rays in particular, you have a higher chance of getting skin cancer. Skin cancer has risen to be the top 4 most common cancers across the globe due to this scenario. To avoid getting more and more cases of skin cancer amongst tanning addicts, self tanners were introduced.

Self tanners do not make use of any UV rays to give you the bronze hue. This is a much
healthier approach to tanning since you’re able to control the amount of tan
you can get and if you’re not keen on using chemicals to change the color of
your skin, there is an organic selection of self tanners on the market for you
to use. Unfortunately, this also means certain individuals exploiting self

There has been word of fake self tanners which is quite an odd product to sell. However,
it’s also very important to be diligent on spotting which self tanners are
authentic and safe to use.

To spot fake self tanners, you’ll have to be keen on where to get your self tanners.
Credible self tanners are sold in big outlets, malls and the like. Another way
to check their legitimacy is through reviews and their website. If their website
looks threadbare, that can be alarming or the absence of one too. Be sure to
check reviews before getting any self tanners, this can also help you pinpoint
on the ideal self tanner for your skin type.