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DIY Natural Lotions for Healthy Skin

DIY LotionLotions are normally manufactured. We’ve been told that using lotions is going to help us keep our skin good. However, trying out various lotions can be taxing. Not to mention the amount of trash you’ll end up with every time you run out of lotion. No one wants to keep empty bottles of lotion but no one also wants to keep discarding their plastics to
add to a land fill.


Thankfully, there are ways to get your moisturizing done and from organic means too. It can be a little hard to imagine how to get your lotions from natural means but you can actually concoct a homemade version of industrial lotions. You’ll need some ingredients which aren’t that hard to find if you’re the type to scour around the grocery or local market.

One mixture of natural lotion can be made from a cup of aloe vera, some beeswax, jojoba oil, your essential oil of choice and vitamin E oil. Firstly, you’ll want to put together in a cup the aloe vera, vitamin E and the essential oil. Set this aside until it has turned warm or in room temperature. In a separate bowl, put in the jojoba oil and beeswax. Make sure to grate the beeswax so it is easier for it to break down. Put the bowl on top of a bigger bowl of water and put on low heat. Let it sit until the wax has clear. Stir slowly and quickly take off the heat. Put the mixture into a blender where you can let it cool for a bit, and blend on low as well, you don’t want it to clump up. Add in the aloe vera mixture gradually but in a steady stream. If the liquid stiffens at the top, pause and stir with a spatula. Once the mixture has thickened to a lotion’s consistency, place it in glass jars for storage.

Top 5 Things to Bring at the Beach

accessories-beach-blue-feminine-65900Going to the beach is one of the things one might be looking forward to with the warmer days. Summer is right around the corner and it’s the perfect season to go get some seawater. There’s a lot of things you can do at the beach but there are some things that can’t forget to bring to the beach. If you don’t bring these items, you might not enjoy being at the beach.

  • Bring some food and drinks. This might sound very redundant but bringing your own set of food and drinks will save you a lot of money. Normally, you can buy your share of consumables at the stores found by the beach. If you opt to get your own provisions, you can choose what you eat while also having a good amount of liquid to consume while you’re out under the sun.
  • A big umbrella to stay under. With the sun providing a lot of its light on a barely shaded strip of land, you’re bound to get your share of sunburn or exhaust yourself with so much heat.
  • Sunscreen is a very important item to bring. Since you’re under the sun for hours on end, make sure to put on a good amount. Choose sunscreens that have a wide spectrum and have a high SPF value.
  • An extra change of clothes will make your stay smooth. If you’re going to swim, having an extra set of clothes to change into can mean the world. No one wants to wear soaked clothes on the way home.
  • Self tanners are helpful if you want to sport a good tan before sunbathing. You can also touch up on some tanning mishaps before you lie under the sun. Summer season is bikini season and everyone wants to show up with a good luck thus a self tanner can certainly touch up on any flaws you have.

Homemade Recipes For Sun-Dried Hair

dry hairNormally, you’d only worry about your skin when you’re basking under the tan hoping to get a tan. Unfortunately, you’re letting your hair under a lot of harm. By the end of the day, you’d end up with sun-dried, damaged hair. Damaged hair is a bad match to a great tan thus you want to nourish your hair back to its luster to be able to nail the look with your summer glow.

In order to provide some tender loving care to your hair, here are some easy homemade recipes to follow once you’re home:

  • Olive oil is heaven sent and can bring the luster back to your locks with ease. Simply warm some olive oil and massage it to your hair. Wrap your hair in some plastic or use a shower cap and let it sit for at least 45 minutes. Rinse thoroughly with shampoo. This will give your share a shine and prevent hair fall.
  • You can even make use of egg and mix it with some shampoo. Egg has a lot of protein which helps your hair recover from being damaged under the sun. Apply to your hair and let it sit for 5 minutes before rinsing off your hair.
  • If you have some Jojoba oil or argan oil in hand, mix with some avocado and lather to your hair. The healthy fat from avocado can tend to the damaged locks while natural oils are great aid to your hair. Coconut oil is ideal for thick hair since it is a much denser oil. Dampen your hair for a bit then massage the concoction to your hair. Cover your dampened locks with a shower cap with a warm towel wrapped around your head. Let it sit for at least 40 minutes before rinsing it off with some shampoo.

Is It Better To Pluck Or Shave Underarm Hair

Underarm hair has become quite a topic when left to grow. Normally, men are usually seen with their fair share of underarm hair; some others are quite proud to show their share of dark locks. For women, it’s another story. In fact, the mere sight of it causes us to determine how we should keep our underarms clean and hair-free. We turn to two known methods, plucking or shaving.


But which one really works out best for an individual?

When it comes to shaving, you need only your shaving cream and a shave. It’s a straightforward approach to getting rid of underarm hair. It’s the cheapest between the two while offering a clean result. Unfortunately, shaving your underarms can still give you razor burns even if you’re experienced with using the blade. Hair easily grows back when you shave your underarm hair and can ruin the skin’s natural cycle since it can remove a layer of skin cells.

Now, you might be thinking that plucking is a better alternative. Plucking relies only on a tweezer and plucks your underarm hair by the root. It’s a cheaper option than waxing and doesn’t do much damage to the skin than shaving. The results are semi-permanent and can be done at home much like shaving. However, plucking can take some time especially if you have dense underarm hair. It can cause small abrasions and leave your skin looking like a chicken’s due to the small bumps left from the plucking motion. This is also quite painful as your pulling each strand of hair from its roots.

All in all, these two methods can have their share of pros and cons. There’s really no right way to get rid of underarm air but if you prefer one over the other, there’s nothing wrong with that.

How to Protect Your Lips from the Sun

With the temperature around us getting higher, most individuals make the most out of it by getting their much desired tan. While tanning is not always a preferred beauty choice, you’d be surprised to know just what a bronze tone can give you.

Getting a tan is not the only thing you’d accomplish during the much warmer days. With the sun being out and about, you’d probably take this chance to get as much vitamin D as possible. It’s not surprising seeing as you miss out on a lot of it during winter.

While we do keep tabs on keeping our skin moisturize, most individuals fail to keep their lips in their tip-top condition. With the sunny days here, dried lips are a common, if not painful, experience to most individuals. No one wants to get along their day with chapped lips.

hat-885402_1280Unfortunately, there is a greater peril than unsightly, peeling lips; this happens to be lip cancer. It’s actually a type of skin cancer that propagates around your lips. On most cases, this type of cancer is obtained due to your lip’s consistent exposure to the UV rays. The best way to avoid getting this form of cancer is to take better care of your lips especially if you’re planning to stay out for the general part of the day.

You might be wondering what the best way to take care of your lips during this hot season; it’s actually quite simple. You’ll have to make use of your trusty sun screen or a lip balm with a good amount of SPF incorporated into it. One thing to remember when it comes to SPF is that it is a number that indicates how long you’re protected before the sun’s rays damage your skin. For example, if we’re using an SPF 40 then your skin is protected 40 times the normal rate.

Much like topical applications, these balms do have their fair share of being wiped off from drinking or wiping your lips. It’s best to make a habit of applying your trusty lip balm from time to time.

If you’re not the type to stick to a lip balm, fear not, as there are some specialized lip sunscreen and even lipstick designed to protect your lips from the sun’s onslaught.

With the coming of hotter days, you’ll also want to keep a bottle of water nearby. While you can ward off the sun’s harmful ultraviolet rays, you might end up dehydrating yourself if you don’t replenish your fluids often.