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How to Avoid Itchiness after Sunbathing

Sunbathing is one of the ways to get tanned skin. Tanned skin has become quite a beloved approach to getting a makeover. Not surprising as this is the method that doesn’t require you to go under the knife.
While there have been other ways to get a tan, sunbathing is still the preferred method for most tanning addicts. This is due to the cost-effective and pretty straightforward approach. You don’t need anything more than sunscreen and the sun; or maybe a towel and an umbrella. Aside from that, you can sunbathe in any open area, this can be the park or even your own backyard.

There is one nasty effect that sunbathing can give and that is the itchiness. Coined as hell’s itch, this side-effect is caused by the intense onslaught of the sun on your skin. While you can pop an antihistamine to sort this out, prevention is still better than cure.
Here are some ways to circumvent the nasty itch after a bout of sunbathing:

  • Try to avoid overdoing the sunbathing. You want to keep a good tan but you also don’t want to overexert your body. Try to set a specific timeframe for your sunbathing. At best, three hours can be a good duration to be under the sun. Remember, exposing yourself too much to the sun can lead to more harmful results so try to be vigilant.
  • Take time out of the sun. You may want to make the most out of the sun but it’s also a good idea to take breaks. Your body will be thankful of that. Make sure to stay in the shade at least ten to fifteen minutes every hour you’re under the sun. Drink your liquids and cool off. It’s not ideal to step in an air-conditioned room as that can expedite the drying of your skin.

What Is The Right Interval of Self Tanning

Self tanning has become the preferred method to get a tan. This is due to the rising knowledge of how harmful sunbathing and indoor tanning is. It’s been found that consistently exposing yourself to UV radiation can lead to higher chances of skin cancer. In fact, sunbathing and indoor tanning have bumped skin cancer to be one of the most common cancers found across the globe.

Our skin can fully replenish an entire layer within two weeks. In that two weeks, our tan would have looked dull already. Thus, two weeks in the right interval for self tanning. If you want to make the most out of a good looking summer glow, two weeks is the duration you’re looking for.
If you don’t want to wait for two weeks, a week of your self tanned skin is also a good time to exfoliate. How your self tan looks can also determine when you want to remove it. Most individuals who feel that they don’t like how their tan turned out tend to get a fresh self tan after a week.
You can manage your tan to make it last longer; this can be through consuming foods that help maintain a bronze tone and keep it glowing. Another way to keep your tan from turning out bad is to avoid any chemical that can easily burn off a self tan.
All in all, a month can be the maximum time for your self tan. This is due to how our skin works. Each layer of skin is being pushed out by the new skin. We also tend to scratch off any dry or dead skin. When you self tan is dependent on when you have free time to commit to it but the aforementioned information should guide you on how often the average self tan stays.

Safe Self Tanning Alternatives to Try

Self tanning has become the preferred method to get tanned skin. With how much harm sunbathing and indoor tanning has done, it can be quite hazardous to rely on these two methods of tanning. If you aren’t familiar, sunbathing and indoor tanning have been linked to skin cancer. In fact, skin cancer has turned up to be the fourth most common cancer across the world. To get around this, you can make use of self tanners to get tanned skin. While there are more than three means to get a tan, self tanning still trumps every method as being the healthiest in the market.

Even though self tanners do not make use of UV radiation, some individuals are still quite sensitive to certain chemicals used in the concoction of self tanners. This boils down to their skin type, their environment and lifestyle, and other reasons thus can’t appreciate the fun of self tanning. Not to worry, there are some alternative to getting tanned skin without having to rely on commercial self tanners sold in the market:

  • DIY self tanners is a thing. You can mix lotion and some dark cocoa powder or coffee to create a homemade version of a self tanner. This is very important for individuals who have very sensitive skin since they can’t make use of any skin care product. Much like how commercial self tanners work, you still need to follow the same procedures when it comes to using it.
  • If you aren’t confident with making your own self tanner, you can use a self tanner that has been crafted through organic means. The self tanners sold by Thermalabs provide a good tanning experience despite having more natural sources. While they may be sold commercially, Thermalabs has prided themselves in crafting self tanners with organic ingredients.

Skincare Tips to Save Money

With so many things in the market, trying to be spendthrift with what we have is quite a tall order. Taking better care of our skin can cost quite a buck to our wallet. However, having a good skin care regimen doesn’t always mean you have to put in a lot of money to very expensive skin care products. At times, even skin care products aren’t the solution to how to take better care of your skin.
If you want to enjoy great skin without spending so much, here are some tips you can consider doing:
– Your skin needs just as much sleep as your entire body does. If you aren’t keen, skipping on the actual amount of Z’s is going to cause your skin a lot of harm. Try to clock in at least eight hours of sleep to really provide your skin with enough rest.
– Avoid overdoing on makeup. We know that we look our best with some highlights but there are days where you must avoid putting on the layer of foundation and whatnot. Makeup can cause a lot of skin care concerns if you overdo it. If you aren’t going out, try not to put even a light layer of makeup. This helps your skin ‘breathe’ from the layers and layers of makeup that you put on daily.
– Watch what you eat. We’ve said that you are what you eat. If you take in a lot of junk food, it’s going to react negatively with your skin. Try to take in some omega 3 rich food such as salmon and walnuts to aid on the overall suppleness of your skin, and some fruits to make it glow.
– Try to make use of home alternatives for the commercial skin care products. You’re going to be surprised what you can do with some honey and oatmeal. Try to scour the net for some home remedies to save a lot on your skin care regimen.

How to Maintain Good Tan During Summer

summer 2018One of the common things to see and experience during summer is tanning. Tanned skin is an experience that a lot of individuals want to indulge in. Why is that the case? Well, tanned skin is a manifesto that summer happened and at times, this has become quite a ‘souvenir’ for the season.

Taking care of your tan for this acrid season can be tricky since you want to maximize the presence of the sun while still taking better care of your skin. Your tan is defined by the manner you got it. Usually, we look at sunbathing as a common choice of getting a tan. With how cheap and straightforward it is, sunbathing is also the common activity done during summer. While it can be taxing to lie under the sun for hours on end to get your summer glow or bask under the sun while at the beach or the lake, it can deal a lot of damage on the long run. When doing sunbathing, try to take some breaks and stay in the shade. Stays hydrated and moisturize your skin to avoid sunburn or overdoing the tan on one side.

Indoor tanning is also another option for tanning which may not be common during summer. While this doesn’t take so much time as sunbathing, it still uses the same method to tan your skin. The best way to maintain your indoor tan would be to moisturize your skin often to avoid it from drying.

Self tanner is a much healthier choice to tanning since this doesn’t make use of the sun. Though dubbed as a fake tan, this method of tanning can be tricky but manageable in the long run. To maintain your self tanned skin, you’ll have to skip your trips to the pool since bleach can whiten your skin.

Tanning Tips for Men

tanning for menTanning has become quite an appealing beautification approach. A lot of the individuals who make good use of tanning is the female populace but that doesn’t mean that men can’t appreciate the beauty of having a tan. Tanned skin gives a lot of benefits, from hiding flaws to giving you an even skin tone. Guys also have the chance to appreciate these perks.

While women may dominate the tanning market, there are some tanning tips that men can indulge in:

  • Be extra vigilant with hair, be it on one’s body or facial air. Face it, men have more hair than women do but that shouldn’t be a reason for individuals to avoid enjoying a good tan. Waxing is a good way to remove excess body hair which can get in the way of getting a good tan. This is especially important if you’re using self tanners. It would be a good idea to clean one’s face of facial hair before tanning. Set a day to rest your skin from waxing and shaving before tanning since your pores will be dilated if you tan right after.
  • Exfoliation is a very important step and that doesn’t mean should skip it. Cleansing one’s skin of impurities and dead skin cells is the very first step to enjoying a good tan. Younger skin also aids in keeping the tan longer. Try to do a thorough exfoliation a day before you do your tan to let your skin rest after scrubbing off the impurities.
  • If you’re going to apply your tan, gradually work your tan from light to dark. Try to find the right shade of tan you’re going to sport for the next few days. If you’re going to do it by tanning mitt or spray tanning, gradually build up the color and avoid starting with a dark tone.

How to Take Care Your Skin After Sunbathing

after sunbathingSunbathing can do a lot of damage to one’s skin. It’s not surprising as your putting your body under the sun for hours on end. But why is sunbathing so appealing? It’s one of the ways to get tanned skin. Tanned skin has become quite an appealing beauty complement that numerous individuals have clamored to get as much of the sun’s rays as possible. With the summer glow on your skin, taking care of your body comes next.

Firstly, after sunbathing, you may want to cool off. Try to restore your liquids first before doing anything and stay in the shade. Remember, resting your skin is very important to keeping it healthy especially after exposing it under the sun. Opt for a cool shower instead of a hot one. This helps cool your body off as well as relaxes your skin from sunbathing.

Right after patting the moisture dry, moisturize. Moisturizing is important to keeping healthy skin. If you’re very diligent in keeping your skin well-hydrated, you can keep your tan longer while also maintain a glowing tone. It’s never a wrong idea to drink at least eight glasses of water a day while also keeping your skin care regimen.

Avoid getting to a pool or swimming too long in the sea. The chlorine found in pools can lighten one’s skin tone which will ruin your efforts of sunbathing. For seawater, absorbing too much can lead to dry skin. Dry skin can flake and peel off which makes an unsightly tan. If you can’t help it, try to limit your time in the pool or swimming in the sea. It’s also a good idea to lather some lotion or creams right after.

Keep your skin well-protected by using a sunscreen. Your tanned skin is highly susceptible to harm so try to bolster it up by using some high SPF sun block.

How to Enjoy Sunbathing with Friends

pexels-photo-58592It’s no surprise that a lot of individuals love sunbathing. Aside from getting a tan from basking under the sun, soaking the sun’s rays gives us a rush of feel-good hormones. Sunbathing is commonly done alone but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy it as a group. While it can be a little confusing how a group of people can enjoy sunbathing together, here are some tips to spice things up while enjoying your share of the sun:

Evenly space each one of your mats. You all want to get enough of the sun while also having some space to move around.

Make sure you have a good amount of refreshments at the side. Sunbathing tends to dehydrate us out so keep some drinks at the side. To spice things up, why not make some lemonade or fruit juice to add a bit of flavor.

Play some music or have an engaging topic to talk about. You’re going to be lying down for quite some time and if you have nothing to talk to or listen, the hours can seem longer. This also doesn’t make it any different from sunbathing alone.

One very important thing to remember is when to sunbathe. While it also gives room to other activities with your friends, being able to determine when you sunbathe is important as it greatly affects your tan. If you and your crew don’t want to have uneven tans, try to set at least a specific set of two hours for sunbathing. Don’t forget to take some breaks as well.

After each sunbathing session, it’s always a great idea to cool off. If you’re by the beach, a bout of swimming would be great. If you did your share of sunbathing in someone’s yard or the park, you can easily get some shade and mingle for the rest of the day. The possibilities of trying to make a sunbathing session with your friends is endless, limited only by your imagination.

Protect Skin From Tanning With Sandalwood

pexels-photo-325531Tanning has been quite a rave to a lot of individuals. Unbeknownst to some, tanned skin is actually not a good sign. We all know that soaking a lot of the sun can cause the color of our skin to darken, which is tanning. Unfortunately, after years of study, it’s been found that tanned skin is a result of damaged skin. The discoloration is due to melanoma trying to cope the damage that the sun has dealt on the epidermis.

This may sound like a bad turn of events to tanning addicts but with the rise of skin cancer in our society, that’s a penny for one’s thoughts. With this in mind, many individuals have sought the use of sunscreen to protect their skin from further tanning. Thankfully, sandalwood is one of the natural items you can use to protect your skin from tanning.

While it may be widely used in soaps to unclog pores, sandalwood helps in lightening and rejuvenates skin cells when used as an oil. You may want to add this to your bath to help nourish your skin while also being an anti-bacterial perk.

You can also lather sandalwood oil to your skin prior to heading out since it hydrates from within while also containing high anti-tanning properties. Let it sit for at least thirty minutes before going under the sun.

Sandalwood oil or as a paste can still be used to soothe sunburns as well as adding a healthier glow to your pallor. It’s also a great aid to sorting out prickly skin during the hot season.

Despite that tidbit, it’s still important to stay in the shade as often as possible and to be mindful of the time you head out. Bring an umbrella when you can and use a sunscreen for added protection against tanning and any sunburn.

Why Should You Apply Sunblock Before Sunbathing?

best-tanning-Why Should You Apply Sunblock Before Sunbathing

Enjoying the sun and the outdoors are essential to a happy and fulfilled life. You may say this is absurd or exaggerated, but you can never argue that a bright and sunny day will always be better than a cold, damp, gloomy afternoon.

That is why people get excited over the summer, and beaches, and tanlines, and the surf. Every year we look forward to getting out of our office and spending the day lounging on a towel, and sun bathing on the beach.

But nowadays you can never be too careful, especially with overexposure to the sun and its harmful Ultraviolet Rays (UV). That is why we should always be careful about overexposure, and always be mindful about bring protection like sunblock when we do go out.

Sunblock can come in a wide variety of scents, moisturizing properties, and Sun Protection Factor Levels or SPF, but whatever variant you choose, sunblock will provide you basic protection from the sun’s harmful rays.

Woman sunbathing on the beachBut when should you put on sunblock? Do you put it right before you sunbathe? Do you put if afterwards?

Most experts and dermatologists recommend you put it way before you even arrive at the beach. Why?

It gives your skin enough time to absorb it

Putting on sunblock at least thirty minutes before you start sun bathing ensures that the sunblock will have its full effect when you do start. Sunblock needs time to be properly absorbed by your skin.

To make sure you get every spot

The sun gets to you even if you cover yourself from head to toe. By putting it on ahead of time, you give yourself time to apply more when you finally arrive at the beach. When in doubt, put sunblock on every part; your arms, legs, tummy, face, and find help to get some sunblock on your back too!

Sunblock takes time to activate 

Apart from moisturizing content, Sunblock has active ingredients that do the work of blocking out the UV rays, and these active ingredients take time to activate and become FULLY protective. As a rule of thumb, it takes at least 30 minutes for sunblock to work, and at least 45 minutes for lip sunscreen to take effect.

But also a reminder, while sunblock does provide you protection, it is also wise to reapply sunblock every hour and a half to make sure you always have sufficient protection.