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What you should do whenever Intercourse Kinda Hurts

What you should do whenever Intercourse Kinda Hurts

We are receiving better at being available about our intercourse lives, but we nevertheless don’t constantly feel at ease sharing items that are lower than rosy. Like, often intercourse hurts. You can also be asking your self questions like: Is it simply me personally? (No, 30% of American females report pain while having sex); is not it normal for sex to hurt? (It’s absolutely typical, however it shouldn’t be overlooked as “no big deal”); There’s probably nothing i will do about this, right? (There’s lots can be done about this! )

If you have sexual health problems before we get into some of the common causes of pain during intercourse (official medical name: dyspareunia), we want to encourage you to always, always, always go to your ob/gyn. The online world could be a frightening destination (especially before you get into an anxiety spiral if you are Googling STD symptoms), and it’s always better to get a clear diagnosis and treatment plan from your doc. In the event that you don’t have a ob/gyn whom you trust, poll your sisters and girlfriends. You share clothing and guacamole, then a gynecologist!

The basic principles (aka. More lube! )

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