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Sun Tanning Risks You Should be Aware Of

sun tanningTanning is a common trend that a lot of individuals want to maximize. It’s not surprising since the benefits of tanning can be a great impact to anyone’s appearance. The common way to get one’s share of tan is through sunbathing. It’s the most straightforward approach to getting a tan. You need only the sun and some sunscreen to be able to enjoy a summer glow. While this trend has been around for quite some time, it’s only through recent years that we see how hazardous sunbathing can be.

If you’ve had your share of frolicking in under the sun as a child, you might be quite familiar with sunburn. Sunburn is a common occurrence when you’re out in the sun too long. It’s not really a nice experience. The best way around this would be to lather some sunscreen to your skin at least every two hours to prevent the sun from doing too much harm to your skin.

Another case to consider would be sun stroke. It’s not a joke that the environment around us is getting warmer and warmer. Summers tend to be quite hot and turning up the AC can only do so much. Try to stay in the shade when you can, give yourself some intervals to let your body rest if you opt to do some sun tanning.

Lastly, absorbing too much UV rays can lead to melanoma, which is a very aggressive form of skin cancer. This type of skin cancer has caused numerous fatalities and brought skin cancer as the fourth most common cancer across the globe.

With these things to consider, one can’t just dive into sunbathing by throwing caution to the wind. Although sunbathing can be hazardous, this doesn’t always deter tanning addicts thus it’s a good practice to tan responsibly.

Things You Can Do to Avoid Skin Cancer

avoid skin cancerAs the day goes by, we noticed how hotter our summers become. It’s not because of the mere sun blistering high above us but how our own home has become warmer and warmer. With the thought of a warmer climate, we tend to shed off more layers of clothing to alleviate the heat. In these circumstances, we place ourselves in harm’s way.

Too much exposure to the sun’s rays has led to the occurrence of skin cancer in certain individuals. Skin cancer is quite rampant in locations where there is more sun. To be able to avoid putting yourself at risk of getting skin cancer and other serious skin diseases, here are some tips you can follow:

–        If you’re into tanning, it’s best to avoid sunbathing and indoor tanning. While indoor tanning does not make use of the sun to give you the summer glow, it still makes use of UV rays to provide the change on your skin tone. As a healthier alternative, you should make use of self tanners. Self tanners make use of various chemicals to provide your skin with the bronze hue. If you would like to step up the value of your self tanners, you can use those that are organically crafted.

–        If you’re going out in the blistering heat and staying out in the sun for a long amount of time, it’s best to put on a good layer of sunscreen. When choosing your sunscreen, make sure to buy one with a high SPF level. Another tip to remember, let the sunscreen dry for at least thirty minutes before heading out. Your skin needs to absorb the sunscreen or else it will wash off.

–        Stay in the shade often especially during the danger hours which is from 9 am to 4pm.

Benefits Of Using SPF Lotion

sunscreen-1461335_640 (1)With the days getting colder, we tend to avoid putting on some sunscreen. That’s a thought we shouldn’t be supporting. Despite the transition from summer to autumn, the sun’s rays are still as prominent as ever. While we may don more layers of clothing to keep warm while we’re walking around town, it’s still important to put some sunscreen. If you don’t want to make use of sunscreen, spf lotion can still help out.

We don’t exactly know what SPF is and usually just rely on what is advertised for each bottle of SPF lotion. SPF means sun protection factor which is your defense against the sun’s harmful rays. Lotions with SPF help in keeping your skin moisturized as the days get colder while also protecting you from harm.

As the temperature changes from warm to cold, we don’t immediately shift our clothing. Some individuals still want to relish the little warmth provided thus they still wear summer clothes despite the cooler temperature. SPF lotion is ideal for these individuals since lotion is not as heavy as sunscreen. The SPF properties of the lotion also give one’s skin the protection they need to lessen the damage the sun can cause.

Having SPF lotion is the first step however one should commit to applying the lotion each day. Missing out on putting some of the lotion can lead to a dangerous case of heightening your chances of skin cancer while also suffering from dry skin. It’s also important to remember that lotions dry out and it’s best to re-apply them every two to three hours especially during colder days since your skin easily dries out.

For better protection, it’s best to look for lotions with a high SPF and those that offer a wide coverage to protect your skin from UVA and UVB rays.

How to Conceal Your Tan Lines

pexels-photo-247292One of the greatest banes when it comes to tanning is having tan lines. It’s not surprising that one would have tan lines especially if they’re into sunbathing or tanning through the use of a tanning bed. For these kinds of tanning, you’ll need to be decent since they are usually done within public places. Even your backyard could count as a public place if you share it with someone else. At times, having a tan line can be quite an alluring appeal but on certain cases, it can be quite the eye sore.

One of the easiest ways to hide your unwanted tan line is through your choice of clothing. This does limit you on what you can wear since you’ll be more concerned about hiding the lighter marks over trying to choose clothing that best complements your tan.

No need to berate yourself, there’s another quick solution on concealing your tan lines without having to go through another round of basking under the UV lights. You’ll need some self tanner to do this trick. Despite being a ‘fake tan’, self tanners are a healthier approach to self tanning. Simply apply some self tanner to a tanning mitt and pat the concoction onto your tan line. You’ll want to be careful if it’s your first time and apply little by little; you don’t want your tan lines to be more saturated than your actual tan. Much like how topical products are used, you’ll want to let it sit for at least through the night.

Self tanners do fade from time to time so it’s best to re-apply it when that happens. As tedious as this may sound, it surely beats limiting your choice of clothing to cover your tan lines. If it helps, using a self tanner as a means of tanning will not only eradicate the possibility of getting tan lines but also give you a healthier approach to tanning.

Summer Activities to Keep You Fit

One of the best things to do during summer is spending as much time outside as you can. With the warmer season right around the corner, there’s no better way to enjoy it than some field activities. You might want to round up your friends and family for a more exciting outdoor fun time.

sunset-905638_1280If you’re a little unsure of what games or activities you’re going to cook up, here are some suggestions to get the ball rolling. You might also try to spin off these tips to make a more interactive or challenging activity that everyone can enjoy.

  • If you’re the type of people who annually go to the beach, you may be familiar with the summer activities here. While much of the populace opts to lie around the sand and bask much of the sun, where’s the fun in that? Play some volleyball and have a fun with a makeshift court. Or you can even try to have a scavenger hunt around the beach. Or, if you’re hoping to enjoy much of the water, swimming is an activity that no one wants to miss out when they’re at the beach.
  • If the beach is not your thing and you’re hoping for a more covered experience, you can go trekking. Hiking is one of the common activities to do during summer time. While you may not be shaded most of the time, it’s a good way appreciate the change in season especially with how the trees are so much greener during summer. If you have a lake nearby, now’s a good time to try out canoeing. You might also bring some friends who may have been really interested with this activity but have no one to experience it with. While you’re at it, you can also try out some camping. No one can surely say no to the chance of roasting marshmallows.
  • If you’re hoping for something more action packed, you can try out some court sports such as basketball. With so many people free to play with, you not only enjoy a fun game with your friends and family but meet new people as well.

These are just some of the things you can do for summer. While they may sound like typical activities, you can always find a way to spice up the fun. How about adding some water balloons to your beach trip for some competitive water balloon fights or even trying out some fishing? Whatever you cook up, it’s sure to make your time with family and friends worthwhile.

Sun Tans, the Reflectors of Vitamin D

Group young Friends Playing Volleyball On Beach

Sunscreen or sun tans are a common application on our skin when we go to the beach or spend a long day under the sun. At times, we think that having some sunscreen is good enough to block out the harmful effects or even the possible discoloration of your skin due to the consistent exposure under the sun. Whatever the reason is, we’ve come to believe that sun tans are the best defense to prevent blistering sunburn.

However, we’ve actually been doing things wrong. Despite the many directions that sun tans provide in their bottles, there are specific tips to remember to make the most out of these topical applications:

– Sun tans work a good 10-20 minutes after they have been applied. This means you’ll need to get them absorbed into your skin before you dive into the waters. Additionally, since the sun tan is a liquid or viscous application, diving into the pool can wash some of it off.

– You’ll need to lather yourself in a lot of it to make it worth. If you’re the individual who wants to avoid little to any chances of tanning, you may want to drench your body in as much sun tan as possible. Studies have proven that most individuals only put a fourth of the amount of sun tan that is ideal. Another tip is to never miss out on a spot, no one wants a nasty burn after their much desired beach trip.

– Sun tan needs to be applied every two to three hours. You’d be surprised to know that much like lotion; sun tan also dries up on our skin. If you’ve been under the sun for quite some time, chances are you’re already without the protection of your sun tan.

These tips should help you out on making the most out of your sun tan.

Healing Benefits of the Sun

Most of us always think the negative side effect of the sun. But don’t you know that the right amount of sunlight at the right time is healthy not only for your skin but for your overall wellness?

Saying hello / goodbye to the Sun.

Here are some proven benefits of sunlight:

  1. Sunlight can cure breast cancer.

Dr. Zane Kime, an American physician used sunbathing as one of his techniques to cure his patients. With this process combined by proper nutrition, Dr. Kime was able to completely reversed even terminal case of cancer.

  1. Sunlight can lower cholesterol.

Forget about working out early in the morning. The fact that the sun is shining upon you, your heart is thanking you a lot. The sun converts high cholesterol in your blood into steroid hormones and sex hormones needed for reproduction.

  1. Sunlight cleanses the blood and blood vessels.

Once sunlight penetrates deep down your skin, it cleans the blood and blood vessels. A published European medical literature showed some proofs about improving the conditions of people with atherosclerosis.

  1. It kills bad bacteria.

As we know it, heat can disinfect bacteria. This technology has been around even during World War I. Niels Finsen won the 1903 Nobel Prize by using sunlight to disinfect and heal wounds.

  1. The rays of the sun lower blood pressure.

CoQ10 is very essential for cellular and heart energy and sunshine can supply it to you for free. Individuals with high blood pressure need more sunshine to lower their blood pressure without taking the usual prescribed medicine such as Statins.

  1. Sunlight cures depression.

Watching sunrise or sunset is very relaxing. As someone stare through the vastness of the sky, one tend to relax and begin to think clearly. The view of sunlight can inspire someone who is already depressed.

  1. Sunlight enhances the immune system.

Lymphocytes are white blood cells that increase through sun exposure. Getting enough sunlight everyday can improve your immune system.

Important: While we have cited a lot of benefits from the sun, don’t forget that sun exposure must be done before 10 in the morning. Ideal time is 6-7AM. The moment you feel the prickly heat and discomfort, it means that is more harmful than good.