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That is Renate Blauel, Elton John’s Ex-Wife?

That is Renate Blauel, Elton John’s Ex-Wife?

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In 1983 Elton John released the track “Kiss the Bride, ” featuring words such as “i do want to kiss the bride, yeah. ” Per year later on John had been doing exactly that, kissing their bride that is new on actions of St. Mark’s Anglican church in Darlinghurst, an inner-city suburb of Sydney, Australia.

The bride’s name was Renate Blauel and she wore a silk that is white lace wedding gown and a silver, heart-shaped pendant featuring 63 diamonds. The groom additionally wore white. Their shiny frock-coat apparently are priced at ?1,000 during the time and had been used over a striped silk shirt and lavender bow-tie. John topped from the ensemble with a boater cap displaying a matching band that is lavender.

It absolutely was a Valentine’s Day wedding that captured the eye worldwide. The flamboyant and freely bisexual pop that is 36-year-old marrying his love, the German-born 28-year-old noise engineer, carrying out a whirlwind courtship.

Four years later on they might divorce and get their ways that are separate. John proceeded to tour and continued ru brides making chart-topping music. Blauel practically disappeared and contains never ever talked publicly for the wedding since.

Elton John and Renate Blauel

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John and Blauel wed 3 days after getting involved

The few came across during the early 1983 in London. Munich-born Blauel, frequently described in tabloid reports associated with time being a tape operator or noise specialist, had been introduced to John as he ended up being completing his Too minimal for Zero album. Quiet and studious compared to showman John, Blauel had fantasies to become an archive producer. Continue reading That is Renate Blauel, Elton John’s Ex-Wife?