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Singleton’s Dating Horror As Guy’s Text Filled Up With ‘Bouquet of Warning Flag’

Singleton’s Dating Horror As Guy’s <a href=""></a> Text Filled Up With ‘Bouquet of Warning Flag’

A lady has provided the “bouquet of warning flags” she received from a person whom asked her down for a date—and folks are saying she dodged a bullet.

The unnamed girl ended up being chatting to a guy on Facebook after bumping into him while on an outing, whom then proposed fulfilling up for a glass or two.

But she was not ready for their reaction after she recommended a various location, along with her buddy sharing the eye-opening change on Twitter.

Elisa Xu uploaded a screenshot for the discussion, saying: “this person asked my really eligible buddy out once they’d simply came across. He don’t like this she proposed a cafГ© that is different therefore now he is dateless and material for my Twitter feed.”

The unnamed man responds: “The kind of girl I’m looking for would say ‘yes, great, see you there’ to my offer, she would then show up on time, we would have a drink there, then if the vibe was good walked to my place, hooked up and potentially have something good together on the regular basis after floating the idea of another cafГ©.

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“just about any a reaction to me personally shows interest that is either low respect or a tendency to be masculine, bossy, prospect of future energy struggles etc. Continue reading Singleton’s Dating Horror As Guy’s Text Filled Up With ‘Bouquet of Warning Flag’