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10 Guys Show Their Most Impulsive Hookups

10 Guys Show Their Most Impulsive Hookups

Have actually you ever discovered your self setting up totally out of nowhere? Whenever it occurs, it could frequently function as most satisfying encounters. On Reddit, homosexual males recently exposed about their “most spontaneous sexual experiences.”

While many told tales about connections along with their significant other people, others shared moments involving Uber drivers and cable dudes. Listed below are ten of y our stories that are favorite.

1. The cable guy by Southern-bro

It absolutely was just a handjob, however it ended up being certain intimate and spontaneous: once I was at college, a pleasant looking cable man avove the age of me personally (30ish) stumbled on our dorm space. I happened to be truly the only one there since my roommates had course. We reached talking a whole lot it got a bit personal while he worked, and. Something generated another, in which he stopped, seemed me into the optical eyes, and asked if I liked dudes. We nervously said yes, in which he stated he did too. He came in close proximity for me and reached down and began gently experiencing my bulge through my jeans.

Well, I happened to be a horny college dude not receiving any and forward my pelvis. He smiled and stated, “You like this, buddy” and unzipped me personally, carefully pulled my pulsating junk out (c–k and balls), and started jacking me personally with my pre-c-m along with his spit and cupping my balls. I became fundamentally doing most of the work by pumping my c–k in the lubed fist. Finally, I couldn’t anymore take it. I cried, “I’m gonna c-m!” and nutted a lot. It increased their grey work clothing. He seemed delighted and left. I simply dropped right back from the bed, relieved. Never saw him again — the most useful handjob we ever endured.

2. From the real solution to Arizona by SnatchyaWigz

My ex-husband and I also had been driving from Phoenix to Los Angeles and had been on that element of I-10 in Western Arizona in which the towns are typical really far aside. Continue reading 10 Guys Show Their Most Impulsive Hookups