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Basketball And Ladies: 9 Crush-Worthy Queer Ladies In The WNBA

Basketball And Ladies: 9 Crush-Worthy Queer Ladies In The WNBA

I promise theres a WNBA user about listing for you.

The WNBA is considered the most comprehensive professional sports group in the country. Years. They pleasant and support LGBTQ followers, celebrate LGBTQ equality during satisfaction month, and sell satisfaction tees featuring professionals logo designs and various other rainbow-themed swag. Several groups furthermore coordinate individual pleasure nights for the period of June, and people cheerfully sign up for satisfaction marches and parades.

The inclusivity doesnt only offer to fans associated with WNBA, either. It also reaches members.

There are many out and happy ballers in the group now whom communicate honestly about getting LGBTQ and wear it on their arm like a badge of honor. For all of us who happen to be basketball followers and enthusiasts of players of all sizes and shapes, it is a beautiful thing. And because were best smack in the center of the 2017 WNBA season, Ive gathered a list of very talented WNBA members that happen to be LGBTQ and totally crush-worthy. Whether you usually be seduced by the strong quiet type, the cocky one, the blunt activist, or some one whos enjoyable and flirty, we promises theres a WNBA user on this subject listing for your needs.

1. Brittney Griner, Phoenix Mercury

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a post shared by Brittney Griner (brittneyyevettegriner) on Jul 16, 2017 at 11:43pm PDT

Brittney Griner are six-foot-eight along with her wingspan was adequate to place her weapon around you two times. Thats some significant snuggle energy, there. This self-professed goofball wants to joke around and enjoy yourself. Off the legal, shes a carefree, skateboarding, Nike-wearing, tattooed player whom really likes bacon. Regarding judge, shes a badass. She besides brought the WNBA in obstructs a couple of years in a row, but she can in addition dunk the balland by dunk I mean, put downwith fervor. Continue reading Basketball And Ladies: 9 Crush-Worthy Queer Ladies In The WNBA