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Leg Fetish Stories: Did you wish to be my base servant?

Leg Fetish Stories: Did you wish to be my base servant?

Can you like legs? Are you currently a base enthusiast just like me? I want to share a wonderful tale that took place some weeks hence.

We went along to the supermarket near my house as always time, after having a long time working, We required some staffs to supper. My home is nearby the supermarket and I also accustomed pass by stroll.

I happened to be in frozen sector searching the fridge once I heard footsteps by high heel shoes approachingme. As an educated man, we looked down merely to disguise like absolutely nothing occurring and check out her feet. I repair on footwear, boots, sandals before loot at chests or face.

I happened to be wanting to be discreet, but, i know she comprehended the things I had been shopping for. She had been a blond, high and slim woman dressing a center grey gown with a lengthy lateral slit showing all leg since thigh to your foot. Maybe not pleased, she had been putting on open high heel shoes black with golden rocks around, it had been absolutely sexy. Inside those amazing high heel shoes, she had adorable pale foot with black colored fingernails and extremely well cared for. I truly now each time a girl takes care off her legs, I am able to state that I am a professional on girl base.

As of this minute i recently got obstructed my throat and couldnt end to admire her awesome view. We had been raving and chocked positively frozen once I woke up playing her voice that is sweet asking pardon me, could I start the ice box home? Continue reading Leg Fetish Stories: Did you wish to be my base servant?