I’ve a couple of photos on my yah pulse profile a while back as they make me l k slutty that I would like to delete now.

I’ve a couple of photos on my yah pulse profile a while back as they make me l k slutty that I would like to delete now.

How can I delete a photo from my yah profile?

I cannot learn how to delete them however.

2 Answers

Adding and Removing Photos

When you initially create your profile on Yah !, the area the place where a display image would be seems being a blank square. You might want to add a few photos from your own individual collection to your profile picture carousel, so you’ll have choice of images to display on your own profile card.

Your profile card initially shows a blank square.

Display in new window

Your display image is often visible on your own profile—there isn’t any option to block others from seeing it (unless you conceal your profile). Since everybody can easily see your picture, you’ll probably want to give consideration to what you decide to display. Keep in mind that your display image is your visual representation of YOU! Would you show the photo to your grandmother? What about your employer? Avatars will also be an excellent, fun way to express who you really are.

Tip For more ideas about ch sing photos that are appropriate your profile, begin to see the Yah ! Online protection web site.

Move your cursor over the picture area and click the Change Photo link that seems into the corner that is bottom-left. (If you’re new to profiles, it is possible to click anywhere in the blank, yellow square.)

Click the Change Picture website link.

The Select Photo screen opens. At first, your only choices would have been a square that is gray your avatar. In the event that you don’t have an avatar, you’ll begin to see the browse screen shown in Step 3. Learn more

Click on the Add picture link ( If you don’t see this option, go to Step 3).

Click on the Add Photo link.

Click on the Browse switch and navigate through your computer’s file system until you find an image you intend to upload.

Click on the Browse key.

The way that browsing for image files works depends on your computer’s system that is operating.

The image file you decide on must be in JPEG or PNG format and should be smaller than 5 MB.

Once you’ve plumped for an image file, type the written text displayed within the field, then click on the Upload button to include it towards the photos available for your profile.

Click the Upload key.

A preview of the uploaded photo appears, including a dotted square outlining the currently chosen percentage of the image.

Manipulate the choice square to enclose the an element of the image you intend to make use of.

Drag a corner of the square to alter the chosen area; drag the box around to pick the right area of the image you need.

Once you’ve got the part of the image you intend to used in the choice square, click on the Crop button.

Click on the Crop switch.

The newly added picture seems in your photo carousel.

A photo that is new in your picture carousel.

Perform actions 2 through 6 to include a entire gallery of photos to your carousel.

To eliminate an image

Tip You can’t take away the smiley that is gray or your free Russian dating site avatar, when you yourself have one.

Click the Change picture link to start the Select picture window.

Select the photo you need to remove from your own carousel.

Select a photo to delete.

Click eliminate to delete the chosen photo.

The picture carousel redisplays and the photo that is removed gone.

Repeat actions 2 and 3 to remove as many pictures while you want.

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