Recently, Ramirez got a tattoo associated with the blindfolded Lady of Justice on the neck combined with the date of her exoneration.

Recently, Ramirez got a tattoo associated with the blindfolded Lady of Justice on the neck combined with the date of her exoneration.

Cassandra Rivera

After hitting theaters from jail, Rivera stressed about locating task as being a convicted intercourse offender and felon. She had her son, now in their very early twenties, simply simply just take her around city interested in work. She got happy if the supervisor of this Wash Tub, automobile clean string in San Antonio, discovered her instance and stated he’d be proud to employ her just a couple of weeks after her launch. Another manager at The Wash Tub, and felt some mutual attraction at that job, she met Tiffany Hurtado. Fundamentally, Hurtado asked her down, additionally the two hitched in December 2016.

Rivera left The Wash Tub and ended up being trying to puzzle out her next move. Regional attorney Rosie Gonzalez required aid in her workplace. She had become friendly aided by the San Antonio Four after assisting making use of their situation and reached off to Rivera, seeking help distributing the phrase. Rivera decided she wished to simply take the part.

Rivera joined up with any office final summer time, where she helps run what the law states company and Gonzalez’s campaign. Rivera didn’t understand whom Gonzalez had been whenever she had been locked up, but she later learned exactly how included Gonzalez had become making use of their situation. “She was one of our sounds out hereshe ended up being certainly one of our advocates,” Rivera says. “She felt a very good belief in us and put the term out, and due to her, far more people heard of us.”

Gonzalez raves about Rivera as an essential person in notice team and praises her work ethic, smarts, resilience, and good attitude. She says having Rivera at work really assists brings the objective of their work house and offers an unique viewpoint.

Rivera states Gonzalez is a separate lawyer whom fights for just what she thinks in, making the partnership a perfect fit. “I favor her drive and I also desire to be an integral part of that,” Rivera says. “We’re a team and we also focus on the situations together, and I’m learning the way the system works inside and outside. It’s amazing.”

She’s additionally motivated when you’re a right element of and learning a great deal concerning the system that failed her, she states. Since numerous of Gonzalez’s situations involve Child Protective solutions, Rivera claims she’s additionally gotten to understand the particulars of how it operates.

Her work usually has her during the courthouse in downtown San Antonio, where she’s come across the prosecutor from her and Ramirez’s test.

“But it creates me feel great to understand we’ve been exonerated, we’ve been completely cleared and innocent, and I’m in a position to head into that courthouse each and every day plus they observe that; they understand they didn’t break me personally,” Rivera claims. “It also makes me personally pleased that my children observe how strong we am and that I’ve become something. We never ever thought I’d be where i will be today.”

After being accused of something therefore unsightly, Rivera does often feel on guard around kids, also those inside her household. But she attempts to maybe not allow it to arrive at her a lot of. Just like the other ladies, Rivera enjoys every one of the speaking possibilities and distributing the message that life should be taken for n’t granted and that can be studied away from you right away. She claims she and her young buddies had no familiarity with how to deal with their appropriate dilemmas, as well as in retrospect, managed every thing therefore wrong. Whenever speaking, especially to youth, Rivera states it is vital that you teach them on the legal legal legal rights sand how to deal with encounters with police.

“We would like them become knowledgeable in the justice system; if something similar to this occurred to us, it may occur to anybody,” Rivera says. “We thought we had to cooperate completely, which we did because we’d absolutely nothing to conceal. But we didn’t have our solicitors current, and there have been so numerous things we must have done at our trial.”

She particularly enjoys talking at high schools and universities, in order for teenagers can early hear their messages. “We need certainly to start early and grow the seed young with it,” she says so they grow.

Rivera claims she also frequently stocks home elevators Facebook, such as for example exactly what conviction that is wrongful to individuals and just how we are able to assist more folks prevent wrongful conviction. She additionally assists the Innocence venture up to she will and it is passionate about LGBTQ causes.

“There’s a great deal we should do,” she says. “A lot of men and women are just like, why would you like to stay static in it? You’re practically right back in which you began. We remain here it go because we can’t let. Lots of people would want to forget just, but we can’t forget.” Across Rivera’s forearm now read the words that are tattooed 11-23-16.”

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