Observe that the following are not regularly linked to attractiveness for ladies:

Observe that the following are not regularly linked to attractiveness for ladies:

  • Age
  • Height
  • Fat
  • Interests (besides recreations)
  • Political views
  • Personality faculties
  • Mood
  • Self-respect
  • This means that, females aren’t in search of numerous certain faculties. Real attractiveness being athletic are regularly regarded as attractive, but apart from that, the other things could get in any event.
  • Therefore, think about the top mechanisms of attraction (similarity, reciprocity, beauty, protection)? Those that were correlated with attraction?


  • Nope. Attraction ended up beingn’t really linked to similarity.


  • If an individual person liked their date, is the date prone to that way person?
  • Nope. In reality, the scientists discovered statistical proof towards the contrary: in cases where a relationship partner indicated they liked the person that they liked their date, their date was LESS likely to say.
  • You can easily interpret this in a few methods, however it’s proof against reciprocity in rate relationship.
  • Simply as you such as your date does not mean they’ll like you right back immediately.


  • We currently went on the evidence here. Did attraction that is physical aspire to continue another date?
  • YES.
  • This is real for men as well as for females.


  • Did females feel more interested in males when they felt better with him?
  • Nope.
  • Feminine attraction had not been correlated with emotions of safety or emotions of accessory in either partner.


  • Plenty of medical work had been put in finding out of the following:
  • Females aren’t, general, looking any trait that is particular guys whenever rate dating.
  • It is most likely because each girl searches for unique characteristics, and these characteristics all wash out when you look at the average.
  • Guys were almost certainly going to all desire comparable things (low weight, taller, athletic, comparable governmental views, specific character faculties, good mood, high self-esteem).
  • Fundamentally, guys had been almost certainly going to wish particular traits that are similar females, while ladies each had unique things they certainly were seeking.
  • Protection, reciprocity, and similarity d The thing that is only consistently mattered for both women and men had been real attractiveness and athleticism.
  • Should we be frustrated by these outcomes?
  • We don’t think therefore. We do have control over our attractiveness to a diploma.
  • Just how we dress, carry ourselves, and portray ourselves can influence our attractiveness to women.
  • Also, these outcomes just connect with 5-minute speed dating. To help make the biggest impression for the reason that 5-minute duration, real attractiveness is the greatest option to do so.


Luo, S., & Zhang, G. (2009). Exactly What causes attraction that is romantic Similarity, reciprocity, protection, or beauty? Proof from a speed-dating research. Journal of Personality, 77(4), 933-964.

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