Things to Love and Hate About Self Tanners

Self tanners have become quite a favored approach to getting a tan. Why is that? It’s due to the higher chances of getting skin cancer. If you didn’t know, consistently exposing yourself to the sun’s rays or UV radiation can raise the chances of getting of getting skin cancer. If you’re a tanning addict, this can be a very frustrating fact to deal with. However, there’s the presence of self tanners to give you the chance of getting tanned skin without having to put you in harm’s way.

While self tanning can be a great way to get tanned skin, there are pros and cons toit. Here are some things to love and hate about self tanners:

  • Self tanners do no use UV radiation to give you tanned skin. It’s healthy for your body thus you can enjoy having tanned skin without having to worry about getting yourself in further harm in the long run.
  • Self tanners can help you contour your skin. Much like how bronzers work, you can have self tanners give your body a contouring without having to reapply it every day. This makes contouring everyday a thing in the past. Since you’re using a semi-permanent approach to contouring.
  • Since self tanners are applied to your skin, it’s not ideal for individuals new to tanning. It’s very tricky to work with so it can take some time to get used to. To be able to enjoy self tanning, anyone who wants to try it should have a lot of patience.
  • Self tanning is dependent on your skin type too. Thus said, you need to be able to test out self tanners or be familiar with your skin type to avoid any unwanted allergic reactions. You can also opt for more natural sources of self tanning such as coffee, cocoa powder and etc.

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