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Must Buy Skincare for Self Tanned Skin

Taking care of your skin can become quite a task when you get older. Why is that? This is because your skin becomes less efficient as your body starts delegating to the more important parts of your body. You’ll notice that your skin isn’t cleaning up the layer of impurities as efficiently as possible. Or, you might encounter more saggy and uneven skin. This can spell out as a disaster to self tanner skin since it’s reliant on how well you take care of yourself.

To be able to take better care of your self tanned skin, here are some skin care products to use:
Moisturizers are very important to keep your skin great. However, when taking care of your skin, you need to make use of skin care products that don’t contain retinol. Retinol is a chemical that causes your self tan to be erased. This spells a lot of inconvenience since it makes your efforts useless. Thus, make sure to check the labels for future, and current skin care products, to identify if they have retinol.

Buying another bottle of self tan can help. At times, we will need some small touch ups thus it’s a good idea to have some extra self tanner in hand. If you don’t have any extra, make sure to have another stock to be able to take better care of your self tan. It’s a good idea to make use of self tanners that have natural ingredients incorporated in them. If you’re traveling often, some self tanning towelettes would work best for you as they don’t have the chance of spilling in your luggage as well as need a lot of effort to put on your skin.

When trying to get a fresh layer of self tan, try to exfoliate before hand. Thus, it’s a good idea to have some exfoliating agents when you’re going to get your new self tan.

How To Keep Tanned Skin Moisturized

Getting tanned skin is always a treat. It can be quite a flattering shift to how you look. While we can get tanned skin through three methods, namely sunbathing, indoor tanning and self tanning, getting it is the first step. We all know that trying to keep great skin is a big hurdle. Despite summer almost ending, we still must take care of our skin during the colder months.
If you have a tan, it’s imperative to make the most out of your skin care regimen. To make sure your tan stays, here are some tips you can follow:
When you have a self tan, try to avoid using skin care products that have retinol in them. Retinol can easily erase your tan so it’s going to be trouble to work with. You’re going to be more vigilant when trying to choose your skin care products.
If your tan is from sunbathing or indoor tanning, you might end up with dry skin. It is a very common side effect since UV rays can easily dry your skin. Try to put some creams when you can or lotion. It’s a good habit to put them right after a bath to lock in that extra moisture.
Drink more water! Did you know that staying hydrated can really help you out? Try to chug at least eight glasses a day to make sure you’re keeping your body well cared for.
If you aren’t keen on using commercial products in keeping your skin hydrated, why don’t you make use of more natural means such as aloe vera? Try to put some aloe on your dry spots. This will not only soothe inflamed skin but also keep it moisturized for a good amount of time. You can reapply it every three to five hours for better results!

Reasons Your Self Tan Fade Quickly

Having tanned skin can be very appealing. Not only do have a drastic change in how you look, it’s also the quickest way to getting a makeover. While tanned skin can be easily achieved, it can also be tangible. One of the common hurdles when it comes to tanning is how quickly it can fade. No matter what method of tanning you implore, you’re bound to quickly lose your tan if you aren’t careful.
While the conventional method of tanning is through sunbathing and indoor tanning, we’re going for self-tanning this time around since it’s the healthiest approach to getting a tan. While that makes it a very appealing approach, it’s also very tangible to work with.
Here are some ways why self tan can fade quickly and thus steps to avoid to make the most out of your self tan:

  • Putting on skin care products that contain retinol is a sure way to burn off your self tan. If you weren’t familiar, retinol can not only lighten your self tan but also cause it to erase entirely. When you try to purchase skin care products, make sure to check the labels to avoid using skin care products with retinol.
  • Are you consistently swimming in the pool? If you didn’t know, chlorine is a very fast way to lightening your skin tone. Thus, if you’ve been swimming ever since you’ve gotten a self tan, you’re going to forego enjoying your self tan for a long time. Try to avoid the pool when you’re sporting a self tan.
  • Dry skin is a very fast way for one’s self tan to fade quickly. Why not keep your skin looking great by keeping your body well hydrated as well as putting on moisturizers and creams to keep it from drying up.

Best Way to Highlight Your Face Using Self Tanners

We’ve known that makeup is always complimenting our looks. No matter what event we’re going to, makeup is always a great go-to, but did you know that tanning is a much appealing and less complicated approach. Tanning can give you a semi-permanent approach to improving your look daily.

While you can’t just tan your face exclusively through sunbathing or indoor tanning, we have self-tanning to rely on that. Self tanning is the manual application of a tan, dubbed as a fake tan by some, thus it can work much like how makeup does. Normally, you’d be using bronzers to help contour your tan but since bronzers are wiped off at the end of the day; this is where self-tanners do their work.
Despite being an applied method to tanning, self tanners last for quite some time on your skin thus cut down the time of putting on makeup. Here are some ways to help you contour and highlight using self tanners:
If you want to go for contouring, it’s best to apply a slightly darker tone of self tanner in certain areas. Remember, you’re not limited to your face for contouring so try to practice on which areas you can work out so you can contour well.
For highlight, you’ll want to use less self tanner on the areas you want to be lighter than your normal tan. It can take some time to get this sorted out especially when you’re new to self tanning. While you can’t totally leaves these areas with less tan, putting on a layer of highlighting make up can ease the deficit.
Remember, there’s only so much self tanning can do when it comes to contouring and highlighting your looks. While it may be a semi-permanent application, makeup can still work wonders to help improve your appearance. If you’re new to self tanning, try to experiment on what works best for you.