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Exfoliation Options for Beginners

When it comes to taking better care of your skin, there’s a lot of things that can be done. This can be based on your lifestyle or your environment. What you eat can also be a factor to how well your skin is. Regardless of what methods you implore, there’s one thing that you need to agree to; exfoliating is an important step to keeping your skin well and healthy.

Once you hit the late twenties or earthy thirties, you’re going to be experiencing a slower rate of your body pushing off the layer of dead skin cells. It’s important to get this layer off of your body or it will cause you a lot of harm such as acne and other skin care issues.
Exfoliating can be daunting to beginners but here are some easy steps you can follow:

  • Exfoliation only twice a month, with enough days in between. This gives your skin the time to really repair from exfoliation and make the most out of tanned skin. It’s quite common for tanning addicts to exfoliate prior to getting a tan.
  • You can make use of natural means of exfoliating. While there’s a lot of commercial products for exfoliating, there are natural ones too. If you have sensitive skin, oatmeal is a great way to help you exfoliate. They are gentle to the skin and also help in keeping it moisturized. If you think oatmeal isn’t good enough, why not go for some brown sugar? Brown sugar may seem sharp but its really not that harsh on your skin. You can make use of some buttermilk to really keep your skin well-moisturized.
  • Avoid overdoing your exfoliation. Remember, you’re just removing the outermost layer of impurities and not rubbing off the bad emotions that are so desperately clinging to your psyche.

Tips to Avoid Self Tanning Stains Transfer

Getting a tan is a great way to make yourself look better. The common methods of tanning are sunbathing and indoor tanning. Unfortunately, exposing yourself to UV rays can spell out a lot of harm in the long run. With the harm of sunburn, or worst skin cancer, in the midst of getting a tan, a lot of individuals have turned to self tanning. Self tanning can still provide you the summer glow that you desire without having to rely on UV radiation.

As opposed to merely lying down and letting the UV rays do the work, self tanning is a method of tanning where you have to apply the self tanner to your skin. While it may be dubbed as fake tan since you’re relying on chemicals to do the work, it’s still the healthiest approach to getting a tan.
Since this tanning method is applied to your skin, staining is one of the common mishaps. In order to avoid transferring stains or even getting them, here are some tips to remember:

  • Make sure you do your self-tanning in an open space. This can be a spare room where you’ve pushed all the furniture away from the spot you’re going to be tanning. For extra measure, put some old newspapers on the floor and tape them in place. You’ll prevent staining the ground or your rug while self tanning. Pushing your furniture aside will also prevent you from accidentally bumping into them and thus staining the surface and ruining your self tan.
  • Avoid putting on clothes right after tanning. You’ll want to wait for more than two hours to really dry your self tanner. If you’re hasty, you’ll end up ruining your self tan. However, you can don some loose dark toned clothing to avoid staining your favorite clothes.

Should I Avoid Massage after Self Tanning?

While tanned skin can be easily achieved by sunbathing, it can be harmful in the long run. Consistently exposing yourself to UV radiation can lead to a higher risk of skin cancer. It’s due to sunbathing that has caused skin cancer to be one of the most common cancers across the world. With that in mind, self tanning has become a method of tanning that tanning addicts have turned to.

If you aren’t familiar, self tanning is the method of putting on self tanners which help give you the summer glow through the aid of chemicals. This is a much healthier approach since you aren’t exposed to the harmful rays. It can be a little tricky to work around with since you have to apply the tanner to your skin.

One concern that self tanning newbies can stumble upon is when is the right time to get a massage. True, we can look forward to getting our massages but having a self tan can be difficult to work around with.
In fact, if you get too excited right after a self tanning session; massaging will not only stain your masseur’s or masseuse’s hands but it can also leave you with a blotchy and bad looking tan. This is especially true if you’ve just clocked in at most two to three hours of your self tanning to dry.

The best time to get a massage after self tanning would be at least a day away. True, your self tanner can dry overnight but we want to let it settle on your skin before actually getting your massage. It’s very important that the self tanner has to dry on your skin or else you’re going to mess up your effort on putting it on. Another way to work around this would be to have a massage prior to get your self tan.