How to Apply Self Tanners without Stains on Your Palm

Self tanning has become quite a lucrative approach to getting tanned skin. Normally, you’d want to bask under the sun for hours on end or book an appointment in your local indoor tanning salon. With the recent rise of skin cancer in our community, it’s not surprising that a lot of tanning addicts have turned to self tanning as a means of getting the coveted summer glow.

While it may be the healthiest approach to getting a tan, it’s not the easiest. Using self-tanners can be very tricky especially if you’ve just started to using them. At times, a lot of newbies can be daunted when using their first self tanner. One of the common mishaps that beginners encounter is staining in their palms. If you want to avoid staining your palms while using self tanners, here are some ways to do so:

– Use a reliable tanning mitts. Good tanning mitts will not bleed the tanner into your palm. If you aren’t sure which tanning mitt is good to use, check for reviews. If you want to get more out of the usual tanning mitt, you can use one of Thermalabs’s tanning mitts since this is made out of organic ingredients thus does not cause your skin any harm when applying the self-tanner.

– If your tanner does bleed into your hands, you can easily wash it off. It’s best done right after your self-tanning session. To make sure you don’t stain your hands, mix some lemon juice with some water. Using a cotton ball, dab the cotton ball into the mixture and apply to the stains on your palms. It’s a good idea to apply it and not really wash your hands. Remember, you’ve already placed some self-tanner on your skin so washing your hands is going to remove the tanner on the back of your hands.

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