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How to Apply Self Tanners without Stains on Your Palm

Self tanning has become quite a lucrative approach to getting tanned skin. Normally, you’d want to bask under the sun for hours on end or book an appointment in your local indoor tanning salon. With the recent rise of skin cancer in our community, it’s not surprising that a lot of tanning addicts have turned to self tanning as a means of getting the coveted summer glow.

While it may be the healthiest approach to getting a tan, it’s not the easiest. Using self-tanners can be very tricky especially if you’ve just started to using them. At times, a lot of newbies can be daunted when using their first self tanner. One of the common mishaps that beginners encounter is staining in their palms. If you want to avoid staining your palms while using self tanners, here are some ways to do so:

– Use a reliable tanning mitts. Good tanning mitts will not bleed the tanner into your palm. If you aren’t sure which tanning mitt is good to use, check for reviews. If you want to get more out of the usual tanning mitt, you can use one of Thermalabs’s tanning mitts since this is made out of organic ingredients thus does not cause your skin any harm when applying the self-tanner.

– If your tanner does bleed into your hands, you can easily wash it off. It’s best done right after your self-tanning session. To make sure you don’t stain your hands, mix some lemon juice with some water. Using a cotton ball, dab the cotton ball into the mixture and apply to the stains on your palms. It’s a good idea to apply it and not really wash your hands. Remember, you’ve already placed some self-tanner on your skin so washing your hands is going to remove the tanner on the back of your hands.

Teens and Indoor Tanning Facts

When it comes to looking your best, teenagers want to get that down to the T. It’s common for teenagers to look for ways to make themselves look better. In fact, most tanning addicts can be found in the adolescent age list.

Sunbathing may be the cheapest and common method of tanning but with so much stuff to do on their plate, this isn’t an ideal way to get the tanned skin. Thus, to make room for tanning in their hectic schedule, most teenagers opt for indoor tanning.

Indoor tanning replicates the sun’s way of giving your skin the tan. Unlike the sun’s UV rays, indoor tanning machines are more potent thus can cause more harm in the long run. Aside from that, if the facilities aren’t cleaned often, it can lead to numerous skin care issues.

This method of tanning is not ideal for teenagers. In fact, the minimum age for an individual to use a tanning bed is at least eighteen years old. While you are still an adolescent, your skin is still very sensitive so exposing it to a high concentration of UV radiation will not only cause it to tan but also long term damage. If you didn’t know, indoor tanning rays are more concentrated than those you are exposed to during sunbathing.

You also can spend a lot of money if you are going for the indoor tanning fix. You don’t immediately tan unlike sunbathing since you must limit your sessions to 30 minutes a day. Thirty minutes per day and around three to four times a week; that’s going to burn your wallet.

If you want to get a tan, you can make use of self tanning. Despite being labeled a fake tan, self tanning is the healthiest approach to getting tanned skin without putting you through dangerous UV radiation.

Moisturizing Tips to Nourish Tanned Skin

Our skin is always buffeted by the elements. It’s no surprise as we are going through a lot of hazards in our day to day activities. Tanned skin can be extra tricky to take care if you want to make the most out of your tan.

If your tanned skin is achieved through sunbathing or indoor tanning, it can be quite dry. This is due to the heat that was applied to your skin during the tanning process. You’ll need to make use of moisturizers during the morning and at night. It’s important to use moisturizers that are targeted to sorting out dry skin since the usual moisturizers aren’t going to cut for it. If it’s a little hot, opt for light moisturizers to avoid sweating them off throughout the day. If you’re using moisturizing during the colder months, go for the heavier ones. Skin can easily dry up during the cold months so you want to make sure that you want your moisturizing to be locked into your skin.

If your tan was achieved through self-tanning, you’ll need to be stringent in what skin care products you are buying. You want to avoid products that contain retinol. This chemical can easily erase your self tan, which means your efforts go down the drain. Try to check the labels prior to buying any moisturizing item to avoid any chances of an accident.

If you want to go for more organic means, aloe vera is a great way to provide moisturizing to your skin. Simply lather some aloe vera to your skin after a bath and let your skin absorb it. Make sure to pat your skin dry to avoid any sticky residue. Another great homemade moisturizer is milk and oatmeal; you may want to use these lightly as oatmeal can be an exfoliating agent. Gently apply to your skin and rub lightly.

Best Way for Self Tanners to Set on Your Skin

Self tanners are always a great way to get your tanning fix. Normally, we rely on sunbathing and indoor tanning to get the summer glow. But with the looming danger that these methods of tanning have proven to cause, it’s no wonder many individuals have turned to self tanning as a means of getting a tan.

Despite being the healthiest approach to getting a tan, self tanning can be a trouble to work around with due to application. If you’re new to self tanning, it can be tricky to work around. Thankfully, there are ways to get the self tanner to set easily. Here are some steps you can follow for a better self tanning experience:

– Do your self tanning in a well-ventilated place. This can be in an open area where it is shaded to avoid exposing yourself to the sun and thus sweating out. Or it can be a room where you put the AC on for your self-tanning needs. Try to tweak the temperature of the room you’re in. You want to make sure the tanner tans and not for your body to sweat due to the heat. You may want to avoid getting the room too cold or else you’ll cause your self tanner to dry prematurely.

– Avoid wearing a lot of clothes or putting them on too soon. It’s imperative to let the self tanner dry on your skin before you put on any clothing. This not only avoids any chance of staining your apparel but also gives the self tanner the time to really dry on your skin.

– Avoid over-application of the self tanner. This is a common mistake by beginners since they can’t identify the appropriate amount of self tanner to put on. It’s always a good practice to slowly build up your tone by slowly applying layer by layer of the self tanner.