Dressing Tips After Self Tanning

Self tanning is the healthiest approach to getting tanned skin. Contrary to the usual methods of getting a tan, self tanning is the approach of applying tanning lotions or self tanners to your skin in order to get the tanned skin. Because you have to apply the tanner manually, it can be very tricky to get an even tone or to avoid streaking on your first try.

The suggested time that self tanners have to dry is at least two hours before you put on anything. And at times, this duration is not enough to really dry the tanner on your skin. It’s best to leave it to dry overnight.

However, if you have a gig to go right after putting on some self tanner. Here are some dressing tips you want to consider to avoid having a self tanner mishap:

In fear of staining your clothes, opt for dark colored ones. Dark colored clothes can easily hide the chance of stains. This is an important tip if you’re pressed on time to dry your self tanner.

Dress up in loose clothing. Loose clothing gives your skin breathing room which also helps in drying your self tanner while you’re mingling. Loose clothing also doesn’t ruin your self tanner so you can worry less about how your self tanner would work out. In any case that your self tanner might get a mishap, you can also hide any mishaps with some loose clothing.

You can also wear your old clothes in fear of stains. Old clothes are also usually loose so they’re great at helping your self tanner dry as the time goes. It’s also very comfortable so you can lounge. This is usually the go to selection of the clothes if you’re going to stay at home after your self tanning session.

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