Safe Self Tanning Alternatives to Try

Self tanning has become the preferred method to get tanned skin. With how much harm sunbathing and indoor tanning has done, it can be quite hazardous to rely on these two methods of tanning. If you aren’t familiar, sunbathing and indoor tanning have been linked to skin cancer. In fact, skin cancer has turned up to be the fourth most common cancer across the world. To get around this, you can make use of self tanners to get tanned skin. While there are more than three means to get a tan, self tanning still trumps every method as being the healthiest in the market.

Even though self tanners do not make use of UV radiation, some individuals are still quite sensitive to certain chemicals used in the concoction of self tanners. This boils down to their skin type, their environment and lifestyle, and other reasons thus can’t appreciate the fun of self tanning. Not to worry, there are some alternative to getting tanned skin without having to rely on commercial self tanners sold in the market:

  • DIY self tanners is a thing. You can mix lotion and some dark cocoa powder or coffee to create a homemade version of a self tanner. This is very important for individuals who have very sensitive skin since they can’t make use of any skin care product. Much like how commercial self tanners work, you still need to follow the same procedures when it comes to using it.
  • If you aren’t confident with making your own self tanner, you can use a self tanner that has been crafted through organic means. The self tanners sold by Thermalabs provide a good tanning experience despite having more natural sources. While they may be sold commercially, Thermalabs has prided themselves in crafting self tanners with organic ingredients.

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