Beach Tips for a Sun-kissed Look

Trying to get tanned skin can be really tricky. The most common method to getting tanned skin is through sunbathing. With the weather getting warmer, it’s time to spread out under the sun. While sunbathing may sound pretty straightforward, it shouldn’t be taken lightly.

The best place to get your sunbathing done would be by the beach. There’s little foliage to obscure the sun and just enough area to really lie down. To make the most out of your sunbathing experience, here are some things to consider:

– Make sure to apply a good amount of sunscreen beforehand. Sunscreen protects your skin from being damaged while basking. It’s important to put it on at least thirty minutes beforehand so your skin can absorb it. Additionally, make sure to reapply the sunscreen every two to three hours to make sure you are thoroughly protected.

– Switch sides as often as possible. It’s a good idea to set a timer to keep track of when you have to switch.

– Take a break from time to time. Your body, especially your skin, needs a break from being under the sun far too often. Make sure to take at least a fifteen-minute break under an umbrella. You can also take this time to reapply some sunscreen or drink something cool. It’s always a good idea to replenish your liquids when you’re doing some sunbathing.

– Do not overdo on sunbathing. Make sure to set a specific set of hours when you do your sunbathing. This helps in keeping track of how much time you’ve spent basking under the sun. Too much exposure can lead to heat strokes, or worse, skin cancer thus it’s a good idea to be keen on the time you’ve spent under the sun.

– If you want to improve your suntan, you can use some tanning lotion as opposed to sunbathing a little bit more.

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