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Christmas Gifts For A Healthier Skin

With the Christmas season dawning upon is, it’s no surprise that there’s a lot to be done and to be bought. Taking care of one’s skin can be very difficult if you aren’t careful. With the chilly atmosphere, it is difficult to work around the climate. Christmas time can be so hectic so it’s hard to keep your skin at its best. In order to get around this, there are some gifts that you can give out for your friends or treat yourself with.

– Make use of specific moisturizers. It’s always a good idea to use moisturizers that are dedicated for certain seasons. If you want to replenish your moisturizers for winter, try to get some winter dedicated moisturizers. But for your friends, get them some spring dedicated moisturizers to ease them out of the winter months.

– Give your skin some organic self tanners if they are into tanning. While sunbathing and indoor tanning are common ways to get tanned skin, these methods are quite hazardous in the long run. It’s best to opt for self-tanning as a means of getting tanned skin. This lessens the chances of getting skin cancer. While self tanners are usually concocted through chemicals, organic self tanners are readily available in the market. You can get self tanners from Thermalabs to ensure that your friends enjoy a safe self tanning experience.

– Throw in some sunscreen as a gift for your friend. We normally underestimate the usage of sunscreen but it’s actually very important to use some sunscreen. If you want to avoid getting sunburn in any season, it’s a good habit to start putting on some sunscreen before you head out. Another matter to consider is to purchase a wide spectrum sunscreen, this blocks off both UVA and UVB rays. A higher SPF value is great but the wide spectrum should be the top priority.

Achieve Smoother Skin with Self Tanners

Getting an uneven skintone can be very inconvenient. However, uneven skin in general can not only beinfuriating to deal with but also make for an unhealthy skin. There’s a lot ofreasons why an individual can have uneven skin. This could be due to some skinailments or scarring. Although these things don’t always account to missing outon smooth skin. If you would like to get smoother skin, self tanning is a greatapproach.

Self tanning is a topical method to getting a tan. Contrary to sunbathing and indoor tanning, self tanners are much healthier since they don’t expose you to UV radiation. Consistent exposure to UV radiation can lead to skin cancer.

How can self tanners give you a smoother skin? Since this is an applied approach to getting a tan, you can even out the imperfections of your skin. If you are uneasy about having scars, self tanners are great in hiding them. In fact, most tanning addicts opt for a tan since it hides one’s flaws, self tanners cater to that desire. Much like how foundation works, self tanners provide a great coverage which can provide smoother skin.

If you would like to sort out uneven skin tone or uneven skin in general, putting on some self tanner can help sort that out. Make sure to avoid overdoing it as it can lead to streaking or having an oversaturated tan. This can lead to some very awkward situations.

If you want to lessen the chances of mishaps while still enjoying smoother skin, you can opt for spray tanning. This method doesn’t waste any self tanner since it is a controlled application and you can control the intensity of the tanner applied on your skin. Another perk to using spray tanning would be the ability of contouring your tan.

Why You Should Be Using Thermalabs Exfoliating Mitt

Before we get out tanning done, exfoliating is a very important step. We tend to make use of loofa or body scrubs to get the job done. However, Thermalabs Exfoliating Mitt has its own charm to cleansing your skin. If you do not properly dry a loofa, you’ll be festering bacteria and fungi which can lead to harmful skin ailments. Body scrubs tend to be too abrasive if used repeatedly during the same exfoliating session.

Self tanners have become quite a topic since they are the healthiest means to getting a tan. Normally, you’d rely on the sun to get your share of tanned skin. Unfortunately, consistently exposing yourself to the sun can not only get you sunburn but also raise the chances of getting skin cancer. It’s due to sunbathing and indoor tanning that has raised the numbers of individuals who are inflicted with skin cancer. Thus, to get around that, we look at self tanners as a means to getting one’s bronze skin.

The Thermalabs Exfoliating Mitt is crafted with top of the line materials but does not give a harsh touch on your skin. It can help unclog pores, reduce body hair and even stimulate blood circulation. Since this is a high-quality product, it can be use on skin with cellulite, eczema and ingrown hair. The mitt does not leave your skin too sensitive but provides a nice soft glow after each use. Unlike the usual exfoliating mitts, the Thermalabs Exfoliating Mitt can be used to sort out self tanner mistakes too. The other side of the tanning mitt can easily removed self tanning mishaps as well as efficiently remove the previous self tan.  If you have streaks or uneven skin tone due to mishandling the self tanner, this exfoliating mitt is ideal for you. It makes for an easier exfoliating session since you don’t have to rub your skin raw to remove the impurities.

Sunbathing Tips for Teens

Trying to get a tan is a very appealing makeover. With so many looks to consider, getting a tan can be a radical change to a teen’s life. Sunbathing is the most common and straightforward approach to getting a tan which is why this is the preferred method for most teens. It’s very important to follow these tips to make sure that teenagers can tan safely.

  • Before you bask under the sun, make sure that you’ve lathered enough sunscreen. Enough would be to cover every inch of skin; and it must be totally dry before you start soaking the sun’s rays. In retrospect, it takes about thirty minutes for the sunscreen to really work. Make sure to reapply the sunscreen every two to three hours to prevent your skin from getting sunburned.


  • Set a specific time of the day that you want to tan. By limiting the time of the day, you can make the most out of the hours spent to tanning without having to worry about an uneven tan. This also helps guide you on how long you’ve been under the sun. Try to set a timer when you tan so you can move from one side to the other and to avoid exhausting your body in the process.


  • If you’re going to make the most out of your tan, make sure to wear a set of clothes that covers enough to keep yourself modest. It’s not a good idea to tan with a skimpy attire, though you can circumvent this if you tan in your backyard. The best option for this case would be to make use of tan-through clothing. This type of clothing lets the UV rays through the fabric thus any skin underneath can still get its share of the tanning process.