Why You Should not Rush Self Tanning

With the wintry months here, it’s impossible to get any tanning down if you rely on sunbathing. While indoor tanning is a good option, it’s not the healthiest. Thus, we turn to self tanning if you want to sport tanned skin during the cold months.
Self tanning is the method of getting a tan without relying on the sun or UV rays. This is a topical approach, so it can be a very tedious task. Since it is very tricky to work with self tanners, it’s not a good idea to rushing in. As the title says, here are reasons why you shouldn’t be too quick in handling self tanners:
Very important tip; make sure to exfoliate your skin before you tan. You want to get rid of the old tan while also helping your new tan last longer.
You can easily get streaks. Self tanning streaks can be easily remedied by dabbing the dark spots with some lemon using a cotton ball. However, to avoid getting streaks in the first place, it would be best to avoid rushing on putting the tanner to your skin. Dab slowly and build up the color of the tan until you get the desired shade.
Since self tanners are applied to your skin, it’s important to remember that it takes time for the tanner to dry on your skin. The best time to put on your self tanner would be at night, preferably during the weekends if you have no plans. Make sure that you apply your self tanner is a well ventilated room to avoid sweating or making it dry too quickly due to the cold. If you are rushing your self tanner, you may stain your clothes or your furniture. For better results let the tanner sit overnight to prevent this from happening.

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