How to Self Tan Without Ugly Streaks

Self-tanning can be quite a tedious approach to getting one’s tan. Normally, you’d get your share of bronze skin through sunbathing and indoor tanning. While these are the usual methods to tanning, these methods are also very unhealthy. Did you know that consistently exposing to UV radiation can heighten the chances of getting cancer? Sunburn and uneven tanned skin may not be the only harm that we’re going to experience if we aren’t going to be keen on the methods of our tanning. Thus we have to rely on self tanning to get our tanning done.

Since self tanning is a method of applying the tanner to your skin, beginners can experience ugly streaks. Additionally, one can also experience a lot of uneven skin tone if not done correctly. In order to avoid these kinds of results, here are some ways to get a great self tanning experience without having to worry about the mishaps:

– Make sure to dab the self tanner to your skin slowly and gradually. Putting on a thick layer will only cause it to run thus resulting in streaking. Make sure to dab lightly until you get the desired saturation of the tan.

– Start from the bottom and work from there. But doing your feet first, you can also bending over and trying to applying the tanner on the lower part of your body. If you start at the top, putting on tanner by yourself can cause your skin to crease and even the tanner on your skin to run. This makes very unsightly tanning marks.

– Make sure that your room is well-ventilated to avoid sweating which can cause your self tanner to run. Sweating or even crying causes your skin to wash the tanner off which can leave embarrassing trail marks that can take some time to be sorted out.

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