Sunbathing Places for Christmas

leave-1522000_640When you think of Christmas, you immediately think of snow and the layers of clothing you’d be wearing to keep yourself warm. While that is a common sight for Christmas, there are some places you can enjoy your share of the sun without slugging through the cold. A great way to get some sunshine during the cold winter months is to book a flight to the tropics. The tropics have a consistent climate, though it can be a little hot at times, which means you’re getting your share of the sun the whole year round.
Going to the tropics means beaches, these places are the best spots for getting your sunbathing done. It’s also a good idea to be careful since you’ll want to avoid going in during the time that a lot of people are clamoring for some sun away from the cold months. Australia is also a good place to be if you want to spend a hot Christmas since their ber months are summer days. You can also get your share of unique souvenirs as Christmas gifts when you back.
If you don’t have enough to spend on an international flight, how about opt for the warmer spots within the country. Places such as Arizona and it doesn’t usually snow in LA but you can expect a chillier weather. You can bring out your mat and lounge under the sun in a park if you’re hoping to get some sun on-the-go. But if you want a relaxing time, at your hotel’s pool or your friend’s backyard where you’re bunking in would be an excellent idea as well.
Since you’re going to be in a warmer city, make sure to bring the appropriate clothes while keeping some of the winter clothes at bay. You don’t want to go home in a pair of flipflops and end up freezing your extremities off. Make sure to use a sunscreen that is tailored for summer since you’re going to be under the sun more often than you’d be in your home city.

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