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Fun Ways to Get a Tan

Tanning can be achieved through numerous ways. Normally, you can get your tan through sunbathing by the beach. It’s a common thing to do during summer but it’s a weird thought to consider during autumn, much more during winter. Sunbathing is a seasonal event thus makes people consider indoor tanning as an alternative.
Indoor tanning is a good social activity. Most individuals book their indoor tanning sessions in the same appointment as their friends. Though you can talk while you get your tanning done inside a tanning bed, it’s a little awkward to do while you’re not looking at each other.
This leads us to self tanners which is the only tanning method that doesn’t rely on any form of UV radiation to give you the bronze tone. Self tanning is applied to your skin thus it can be tricky if you don’t know how to work around it. This makes having a friend, or even friends, a great way to socialize.
Self tanning can be applied through tanning mitts which are gloves that you put the tanner on. You can make a game of dabbing the color to one another’s skin though it’s a good idea to taper the fun factor or you’ll end up with an uneven tone.
Spray tanning is another manner that self tanners can be applied. With the use of an airbrush, you can put a controlled amount of self tanner to any part of your body. If you’re friend is tenured in the art of spray tanning, you can ask them to help you out on contouring your body. This can hide any flaws or any imperfection on your skin while accentuating what you already have.
Self tanning is a social activity that makes tanning a fun experience. Thus, if you want to get a tan, consider some self tanners for this task.

Sunbathing Places for Christmas

leave-1522000_640When you think of Christmas, you immediately think of snow and the layers of clothing you’d be wearing to keep yourself warm. While that is a common sight for Christmas, there are some places you can enjoy your share of the sun without slugging through the cold. A great way to get some sunshine during the cold winter months is to book a flight to the tropics. The tropics have a consistent climate, though it can be a little hot at times, which means you’re getting your share of the sun the whole year round.
Going to the tropics means beaches, these places are the best spots for getting your sunbathing done. It’s also a good idea to be careful since you’ll want to avoid going in during the time that a lot of people are clamoring for some sun away from the cold months. Australia is also a good place to be if you want to spend a hot Christmas since their ber months are summer days. You can also get your share of unique souvenirs as Christmas gifts when you back.
If you don’t have enough to spend on an international flight, how about opt for the warmer spots within the country. Places such as Arizona and it doesn’t usually snow in LA but you can expect a chillier weather. You can bring out your mat and lounge under the sun in a park if you’re hoping to get some sun on-the-go. But if you want a relaxing time, at your hotel’s pool or your friend’s backyard where you’re bunking in would be an excellent idea as well.
Since you’re going to be in a warmer city, make sure to bring the appropriate clothes while keeping some of the winter clothes at bay. You don’t want to go home in a pair of flipflops and end up freezing your extremities off. Make sure to use a sunscreen that is tailored for summer since you’re going to be under the sun more often than you’d be in your home city.

Health Risks of Indoor Tanning

body and face tanSunbathing has always been coined to be dangerous. However, that’s not the only harmful method to tanning. Consistently exposing yourself to the sun’s rays is a good way to getting skin cancer but did you know that indoor tanning options are not less innocent to this case? In fact, indoor tanning is more potent at harming your skin than sunbathing alone.
While sunbathing is harmful, there’s little obstruction between you and the source of the UV rays. The shorter the distance, the more harmful the rays are. You also have a consistent dose of UV radiation whenever you have your indoor tanning session. Booking a 30 minute appointment everyday will actually lead to much harmful effects in the future. Due to the consistent exposure of your skin to the radiation, it’s easy for it to age prematurely and you can still experience sunburn despite using a machine to tan.
Another concern would be your eyes. Since you are basking under UV light, you’ll need to make use of a special type of goggles that can help protect your eyes from the light. Unfortunately, this doesn’t mean your eyes totally protected. You can still harm your eyes from exposing yourself to this method of tanning if done often. You’ll also have to be with the sunscreen that you’re using if you want to avoid getting sunburned skin during your indoor tanning appointments.
With this thought in mind, it can be disheartening to find out that these methods of tanning is harmful to your body. No need to worry so much as self tanning is still on the list. If you want to get a good tanning experience, self tanners are the healthiest and safest option to get your share of tan. However, don’t let this benefit disillusion you as self tanners can be quite tricky to work with if you’re a beginner.

How to avoid Over Exfoliating

spray tanning tipsExfoliating is a very important step to getting good skin. As we get older, our body starts to delegate its bodily functions to more important parts of our body. That’s why when we get to thirty or even late twenties, our skin begins to lose its role of pushing out the layer of impurities.
With this in mind, it’s important we get to remove the layer of dirt and grime on our skin before really committing to a skin care regimen. a good skin care regimen has to have its exfoliation done properly but you have to be familiar with the amount of times you have to exfoliate and how hard you should do it.
Exfoliation should only be twice a week at most. You don’t want to cause your skin to be too sensitive. Exfoliating your skin is important to let younger smoother skin out but that shouldn’t be overdone to accommodate your daily skin care regimen.
If you have sensitive skin, it’s also a good idea to be careful with how you should exfoliate. If you aren’t careful and doing it too hardly, you can easily injure you skin instead of buffing it.
Another thing to consider when exfoliating is the mediums and method of exfoliating. Normally, we use loofa or body scrub during a bath to get rid of the layer of dead skin cells. However, there is also dry brushing which makes use of a brush to remove the dead skin off of your body. This can be done at night to help invigorate your blood and relax your muscles. Exfoliating doesn’t need to be harsh.
Ideally, you want to let your exfoliating tools to dry out of the bathroom to avoid the chances of bacteria from propagating in it.