Quicks Tips for an Even Application of Self Tanners

best tannersIt’s not new news that self tanners can be hard to work with. Unlike sunbathing and indoor tanning, self tanners need to be applied to one’s skin.

But why would one have to consider changing the method of their tanning? Sunbathing and indoor tanning were the contemporary method of tanning but through recent years, they’ve slowly shown how dangerous they are. If you aren’t informed, consistently exposing yourself to UV radiation, be it from sunbathing or indoor tanning, can heighten the chances of getting skin cancer. In fact, due to the rise of the tanning fad, skin cancer has become the fourth most common cancer across the globe.

Thus, self tanning is becoming a much healthier approach to getting a tan. Though, it can be complex to work with, there’s a way to get around this and get an even application.

Firstly, you’ll want to have exfoliated your skin beforehand. Exfoliated skin is a great palette to work with for self tanning. It also prolongs your self tan since your overall skin is young. You can also effectively get rid of your old self tan which can get in the way of putting in a fresh application.

Secondly, you should start from the bottom and go up from there. By starting with your feet, you can easily control the saturation or how strong the tone is. This also gives you the chance on how wide you can dab the self tanner on your skin. If you do end up with spots that are too dark, you can sort them out by dabbing on the darker areas with lemon juice on a cotton ball.

Lastly, it’s best to have a friend along to help you get another perspective of your tan. You can’t apply everything evenly on the first try so having a friend along can greatly help you out.

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