Why Should You Apply Sunscreen even without the Sun

Sunscreen is a very important item. Normally, you’d apply it during summer when the sun shines the brightest. This skin care product is marketed for the warmer months and we’ve been told to always put on some sunscreen when we’re heading out.
However, lathering yourself in sunscreen only on sunny days is a bad practice. It’s no longer a myth that the days have become much warmer throughout the year. This can be a little doubtful for winter but overall, our days have their share of hazards even if there’s no sun. Normally, we wouldn’t even be considering putting on some sunscreen during cloudy days due to the lack of the sun. It’s actually very important to put on some sunscreen even on days when the sun isn’t out.
Despite an overcast day, clouds cannot prevent UV rays from making their way through. At times, we tend to wander outside when the sun is out. It’s also during those days that we can get nasty sunburn. Thus, as a habit, put on some sunscreen everyday if you’re heading out.
Sunscreen is important since it is your initial defense against the sun’s harmful rays. While sunburn is our first order of business when it comes to sunscreen, using a wide-spectrum sunscreen can help prevent UV radiation from damaging your skin. Damaged skin due to the sun’s IV rays can turn out discolored or even age prematurely. The worst you can get from missing out on sunscreen is skin cancer.
In fact, there has been a significant rise of skin cancer due to the overexposure of individuals to the sun’s UV rays. Another tip to consider is how often you put on your sunscreen. We make it a habit to only put on a sunscreen once, but you need to re-apply every two to three hours.

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