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Quicks Tips for an Even Application of Self Tanners

best tannersIt’s not new news that self tanners can be hard to work with. Unlike sunbathing and indoor tanning, self tanners need to be applied to one’s skin.

But why would one have to consider changing the method of their tanning? Sunbathing and indoor tanning were the contemporary method of tanning but through recent years, they’ve slowly shown how dangerous they are. If you aren’t informed, consistently exposing yourself to UV radiation, be it from sunbathing or indoor tanning, can heighten the chances of getting skin cancer. In fact, due to the rise of the tanning fad, skin cancer has become the fourth most common cancer across the globe.

Thus, self tanning is becoming a much healthier approach to getting a tan. Though, it can be complex to work with, there’s a way to get around this and get an even application.

Firstly, you’ll want to have exfoliated your skin beforehand. Exfoliated skin is a great palette to work with for self tanning. It also prolongs your self tan since your overall skin is young. You can also effectively get rid of your old self tan which can get in the way of putting in a fresh application.

Secondly, you should start from the bottom and go up from there. By starting with your feet, you can easily control the saturation or how strong the tone is. This also gives you the chance on how wide you can dab the self tanner on your skin. If you do end up with spots that are too dark, you can sort them out by dabbing on the darker areas with lemon juice on a cotton ball.

Lastly, it’s best to have a friend along to help you get another perspective of your tan. You can’t apply everything evenly on the first try so having a friend along can greatly help you out.

Achieve Even Skin Tone with Self Tanners

spray tanning tipsTanning has been praised over and over how wonderful it is to one’s look. It’s not surprising since tanning can give you an overall makeover without being too drastic of a change such as surgery or being too tricky to work around like makeup. Makeup is a great way to get a new makeover but since it can be easily tampered, it can be disconcerting how easy it is to ruin. Surgery and other augmentations can be permanent and leave a lasting imprint on yourself thus tanning is a great way to circumvent these two.
Having an uneven skin tone can be easily hidden through foundation and the like. But reapplying makeup each day is going to wear you down. This is where tanning comes in. Tanning can easily give you the even tone without too much of a hassle. Unlike makeup, tanning can do a semi-permanent approach to getting an even tone.
While tanning is a great approach to sorting out your uneven skin tone, self tanning is a better approach to getting tanned skin. Sunbathing and indoor tanning make use of UV rays to get your bronze tone. Unfortunately, consistently exposing yourself to UV radiation will cause a lot of harm in the long run. In fact, UV radiation can heighten the chances of getting skin cancer in the long run. You can actually rely on self tanning to get your tanning fix since this is more malleable and healthier compared to the two methods mentioned previously. Self tanning can also be used for various skin types such as those with sensitive skin. Individuals who can’t stay out in the sun can still enjoy tanned skin since there are self tanners crafted to accommodate their skin type. Another reason why self tanners are a preferred method to getting a tan is the ability to control how you tan. Contouring is a common aesthetic that individuals make use to make their tan look better.

Why Should You Apply Sunscreen even without the Sun

Sunscreen is a very important item. Normally, you’d apply it during summer when the sun shines the brightest. This skin care product is marketed for the warmer months and we’ve been told to always put on some sunscreen when we’re heading out.
However, lathering yourself in sunscreen only on sunny days is a bad practice. It’s no longer a myth that the days have become much warmer throughout the year. This can be a little doubtful for winter but overall, our days have their share of hazards even if there’s no sun. Normally, we wouldn’t even be considering putting on some sunscreen during cloudy days due to the lack of the sun. It’s actually very important to put on some sunscreen even on days when the sun isn’t out.
Despite an overcast day, clouds cannot prevent UV rays from making their way through. At times, we tend to wander outside when the sun is out. It’s also during those days that we can get nasty sunburn. Thus, as a habit, put on some sunscreen everyday if you’re heading out.
Sunscreen is important since it is your initial defense against the sun’s harmful rays. While sunburn is our first order of business when it comes to sunscreen, using a wide-spectrum sunscreen can help prevent UV radiation from damaging your skin. Damaged skin due to the sun’s IV rays can turn out discolored or even age prematurely. The worst you can get from missing out on sunscreen is skin cancer.
In fact, there has been a significant rise of skin cancer due to the overexposure of individuals to the sun’s UV rays. Another tip to consider is how often you put on your sunscreen. We make it a habit to only put on a sunscreen once, but you need to re-apply every two to three hours.

Should You Update Your Skincare in the Upcoming Christmas Season?

christmas skinTaking good care of your skin is an important step to looking your best. If you don’t make it a habit to pamper your skin, you’ll end up having a bad cause of acne or worse, scars and much dangerous skin ailments.

One of the biggest hurdles in keeping up with a good skin care regimen is the changing of seasons. One can argue that skin care products don’t really need to change per season since you’re still pampering the same skin type. While this is understandable, it’s not the most helpful. Our skin adapts to our environment and since seasons make a drastic change to the environment, we too need to shift our skin care product to accommodate the season we’re living in.
Christmas season is especially harsh on our skin and you’ll find to regret that skin care products you used during summer or autumn may not prove helpful during the cold days of winter. Some chemicals aren’t even geared for winter and thus might even aggravate your skin instead of helping it out.
Thus, the logical approach should be to change your skin care products to accommodate the change in season. It’s also a good practice to change your skin care products since your skin may adapt differently to the change in temperature. If you have sensitive skin, it’s very important to switch to a skin care regimen that can work around with the season.
While it is understandable to stick to the previous season’s skin care products since you still have some left over, it’s best to finish them as soon as possible then purchase a set of skin care items for the current season. Slowly incorporating the much skin care items can help transition your skin to the current season. You don’t want to shock your skin with a sudden shift of skin care products.