Things About Sunscreen You Need to Know

after sunbathing tipsSunscreen is a very important item that we need to have at hand during summer. Sunscreen is our initial defense against the sun’s harsh rays. On days where the sun shines the brightest, sunscreen can be a great aide to prevent your skin from being damaged while you’re out and about. However, just picking out a random sunscreen won’t do the trick. You’ll want to get the sunscreen that works best for you.
In order to get the best idea on which sunscreen you should be using, here are some things you need to know about sunscreen:
– We’re told to get the sunscreen with the highest SPF. SPF, or sun-protecting factor, is the number of times the sunscreen can protect your skin from the sun’s harmful rays. While high SPF is a plus, it’s not really the best criteria for a sunscreen. You’ll want to get a sunscreen that has a wide-spectrum. Wide spectrum sunscreens block both UVA and UVB radiation. These rays can be harmful to the body thus it’s a good selector for your next sunscreen.
– Sunscreen can only last up to two to three hours on your skin. In most cases, we only apply sunscreen once and never think about it. Much like how lotions and creams work, sunscreen has to be re-applied to one’s skin to keep it from being harmed. Another tip to consider is, you’ll want to let the sunscreen seep into your skin. Before heading out or taking a dip, apply your sunscreen at least thirty minutes beforehand. This is the ample amount of time for the sunscreen to be absorbed.
– Sunscreen should be applied on any season. We’re mostly particular to putting on sunscreen during summer but even spring; autumn and winter are ideal seasons for you to put on your sunscreen.

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