DIY Natural Lotions for Healthy Skin

DIY LotionLotions are normally manufactured. We’ve been told that using lotions is going to help us keep our skin good. However, trying out various lotions can be taxing. Not to mention the amount of trash you’ll end up with every time you run out of lotion. No one wants to keep empty bottles of lotion but no one also wants to keep discarding their plastics to
add to a land fill.


Thankfully, there are ways to get your moisturizing done and from organic means too. It can be a little hard to imagine how to get your lotions from natural means but you can actually concoct a homemade version of industrial lotions. You’ll need some ingredients which aren’t that hard to find if you’re the type to scour around the grocery or local market.

One mixture of natural lotion can be made from a cup of aloe vera, some beeswax, jojoba oil, your essential oil of choice and vitamin E oil. Firstly, you’ll want to put together in a cup the aloe vera, vitamin E and the essential oil. Set this aside until it has turned warm or in room temperature. In a separate bowl, put in the jojoba oil and beeswax. Make sure to grate the beeswax so it is easier for it to break down. Put the bowl on top of a bigger bowl of water and put on low heat. Let it sit until the wax has clear. Stir slowly and quickly take off the heat. Put the mixture into a blender where you can let it cool for a bit, and blend on low as well, you don’t want it to clump up. Add in the aloe vera mixture gradually but in a steady stream. If the liquid stiffens at the top, pause and stir with a spatula. Once the mixture has thickened to a lotion’s consistency, place it in glass jars for storage.

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