How to Maintain Good Tan During Summer

summer 2018One of the common things to see and experience during summer is tanning. Tanned skin is an experience that a lot of individuals want to indulge in. Why is that the case? Well, tanned skin is a manifesto that summer happened and at times, this has become quite a ‘souvenir’ for the season.

Taking care of your tan for this acrid season can be tricky since you want to maximize the presence of the sun while still taking better care of your skin. Your tan is defined by the manner you got it. Usually, we look at sunbathing as a common choice of getting a tan. With how cheap and straightforward it is, sunbathing is also the common activity done during summer. While it can be taxing to lie under the sun for hours on end to get your summer glow or bask under the sun while at the beach or the lake, it can deal a lot of damage on the long run. When doing sunbathing, try to take some breaks and stay in the shade. Stays hydrated and moisturize your skin to avoid sunburn or overdoing the tan on one side.

Indoor tanning is also another option for tanning which may not be common during summer. While this doesn’t take so much time as sunbathing, it still uses the same method to tan your skin. The best way to maintain your indoor tan would be to moisturize your skin often to avoid it from drying.

Self tanner is a much healthier choice to tanning since this doesn’t make use of the sun. Though dubbed as a fake tan, this method of tanning can be tricky but manageable in the long run. To maintain your self tanned skin, you’ll have to skip your trips to the pool since bleach can whiten your skin.

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