Tanning Tips for Men

tanning for menTanning has become quite an appealing beautification approach. A lot of the individuals who make good use of tanning is the female populace but that doesn’t mean that men can’t appreciate the beauty of having a tan. Tanned skin gives a lot of benefits, from hiding flaws to giving you an even skin tone. Guys also have the chance to appreciate these perks.

While women may dominate the tanning market, there are some tanning tips that men can indulge in:

  • Be extra vigilant with hair, be it on one’s body or facial air. Face it, men have more hair than women do but that shouldn’t be a reason for individuals to avoid enjoying a good tan. Waxing is a good way to remove excess body hair which can get in the way of getting a good tan. This is especially important if you’re using self tanners. It would be a good idea to clean one’s face of facial hair before tanning. Set a day to rest your skin from waxing and shaving before tanning since your pores will be dilated if you tan right after.
  • Exfoliation is a very important step and that doesn’t mean should skip it. Cleansing one’s skin of impurities and dead skin cells is the very first step to enjoying a good tan. Younger skin also aids in keeping the tan longer. Try to do a thorough exfoliation a day before you do your tan to let your skin rest after scrubbing off the impurities.
  • If you’re going to apply your tan, gradually work your tan from light to dark. Try to find the right shade of tan you’re going to sport for the next few days. If you’re going to do it by tanning mitt or spray tanning, gradually build up the color and avoid starting with a dark tone.

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