Indoor Tanning and Cancer Facts

Woman suffering from a headache grimacing and holding her handsTanning has become quite an appealing way to get one’s makeover done. It can be done through numerous means. Normally, you’d want to get your tan through sunbathing however not everyone has the leisure of time to invest so many hours under the sun.
The easiest alternative to getting one’s tan from the sun is through indoor tanning, or what we commonly see as a tanning bed tan. This is a very common approach since indoor tanning provides a concentrated approach to tanning while also spending less time in the tanning bed. While some may consider tanning beds as a lesser evil compared to sunbathing, it’s actually more dangerous.

It’s been linked that consistent exposure to the UV radiation from tanning beds can raise your chances to getting skin cancer, if not more than from sunbathing. Tanning beds provide a more concentrated radiation thus you might be getting strong UV rays while tanning under 30 minutes compared to a few hours under the sun.

Not only that, since the contraption encases you entirely, you’re much closer to the source of the radiation. This is very dangerous since you have no barrier to sift some of the UV radiation off from your body. Doing a thirty minute session per day of indoor tanning can lead to a high chance of getting skin cancer.

Not only does indoor tanning expedite the chances of skin cancer. It also causes a lot of skin ailments such as sunburn, early onset signs of aging and uneven tone. These cases are enough to dissuade anyone at the early stages but continuous exposure to indoor tanning will only lead to further harm.

If you would like to get your tanning fix without having to put yourself in further harm, you can make use of self-tanners to be able to get the summer glow. Self tanners do not make use of UV radiation thus makes it a much healthier approach to getting your tan.

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