What Makes Your Skin Tone Uneven

no to uneven skinTaking good care of your skin is a very important aspect to making yourself look good. There’s a lot to consider when taking better care of your skin tone. In fact, one of the common inconveniences with your skin is having uneven skin tone. Uneven skin tone can be defined in numerous ways such as lighter spots on your body, or having numerous lighter area due to a recent tan, etc.

One of the reasons why uneven skin tones happen is due to tanning. Tanning is a means to change the tone of your body by basking under the sun, using a tanning bed or through self tanning. Whichever method, you can change your skin tone through this means. Another reason why uneven skin tone an happen is recently recovering from a sunburn. Sunburn can cause your skin to peel off as a means to recover from being damaged from the sun. It’s also not a good practice to peel off skin from a healing sunburn.

Another natural cause to uneven skin tone is the production of melanin. Melanin determines the hue of your skin; the more melanin your body produces, the darker your skin tone. Another cause would be a result of inflammatory wounds, an example would be scarring from acne lesions or injuries on one’s skin turning a darker tone.

There are ways to sort out uneven skin tone. You can make use of bleaching agents such as using lemons to get rid of dark patches of skin. Another way would be to use some scar removal creams for pesky scarring that tend to stand out. Makeup is also another means to hiding uneven skin tone. However, putting on makeup everyday can be quite time consuming. Self tanners are a great method since you can put a layer of tan to get the even tone. It’s semi-permanent so you can enjoy an even skin tone for a longer time.  ­

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