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Sun Tanning Risks You Should be Aware Of

sun tanningTanning is a common trend that a lot of individuals want to maximize. It’s not surprising since the benefits of tanning can be a great impact to anyone’s appearance. The common way to get one’s share of tan is through sunbathing. It’s the most straightforward approach to getting a tan. You need only the sun and some sunscreen to be able to enjoy a summer glow. While this trend has been around for quite some time, it’s only through recent years that we see how hazardous sunbathing can be.

If you’ve had your share of frolicking in under the sun as a child, you might be quite familiar with sunburn. Sunburn is a common occurrence when you’re out in the sun too long. It’s not really a nice experience. The best way around this would be to lather some sunscreen to your skin at least every two hours to prevent the sun from doing too much harm to your skin.

Another case to consider would be sun stroke. It’s not a joke that the environment around us is getting warmer and warmer. Summers tend to be quite hot and turning up the AC can only do so much. Try to stay in the shade when you can, give yourself some intervals to let your body rest if you opt to do some sun tanning.

Lastly, absorbing too much UV rays can lead to melanoma, which is a very aggressive form of skin cancer. This type of skin cancer has caused numerous fatalities and brought skin cancer as the fourth most common cancer across the globe.

With these things to consider, one can’t just dive into sunbathing by throwing caution to the wind. Although sunbathing can be hazardous, this doesn’t always deter tanning addicts thus it’s a good practice to tan responsibly.

How to Maintain Good Tan During Summer

summer 2018One of the common things to see and experience during summer is tanning. Tanned skin is an experience that a lot of individuals want to indulge in. Why is that the case? Well, tanned skin is a manifesto that summer happened and at times, this has become quite a ‘souvenir’ for the season.

Taking care of your tan for this acrid season can be tricky since you want to maximize the presence of the sun while still taking better care of your skin. Your tan is defined by the manner you got it. Usually, we look at sunbathing as a common choice of getting a tan. With how cheap and straightforward it is, sunbathing is also the common activity done during summer. While it can be taxing to lie under the sun for hours on end to get your summer glow or bask under the sun while at the beach or the lake, it can deal a lot of damage on the long run. When doing sunbathing, try to take some breaks and stay in the shade. Stays hydrated and moisturize your skin to avoid sunburn or overdoing the tan on one side.

Indoor tanning is also another option for tanning which may not be common during summer. While this doesn’t take so much time as sunbathing, it still uses the same method to tan your skin. The best way to maintain your indoor tan would be to moisturize your skin often to avoid it from drying.

Self tanner is a much healthier choice to tanning since this doesn’t make use of the sun. Though dubbed as a fake tan, this method of tanning can be tricky but manageable in the long run. To maintain your self tanned skin, you’ll have to skip your trips to the pool since bleach can whiten your skin.

Tanning Tips for Men

tanning for menTanning has become quite an appealing beautification approach. A lot of the individuals who make good use of tanning is the female populace but that doesn’t mean that men can’t appreciate the beauty of having a tan. Tanned skin gives a lot of benefits, from hiding flaws to giving you an even skin tone. Guys also have the chance to appreciate these perks.

While women may dominate the tanning market, there are some tanning tips that men can indulge in:

  • Be extra vigilant with hair, be it on one’s body or facial air. Face it, men have more hair than women do but that shouldn’t be a reason for individuals to avoid enjoying a good tan. Waxing is a good way to remove excess body hair which can get in the way of getting a good tan. This is especially important if you’re using self tanners. It would be a good idea to clean one’s face of facial hair before tanning. Set a day to rest your skin from waxing and shaving before tanning since your pores will be dilated if you tan right after.
  • Exfoliation is a very important step and that doesn’t mean should skip it. Cleansing one’s skin of impurities and dead skin cells is the very first step to enjoying a good tan. Younger skin also aids in keeping the tan longer. Try to do a thorough exfoliation a day before you do your tan to let your skin rest after scrubbing off the impurities.
  • If you’re going to apply your tan, gradually work your tan from light to dark. Try to find the right shade of tan you’re going to sport for the next few days. If you’re going to do it by tanning mitt or spray tanning, gradually build up the color and avoid starting with a dark tone.

Indoor Tanning and Cancer Facts

Woman suffering from a headache grimacing and holding her handsTanning has become quite an appealing way to get one’s makeover done. It can be done through numerous means. Normally, you’d want to get your tan through sunbathing however not everyone has the leisure of time to invest so many hours under the sun.
The easiest alternative to getting one’s tan from the sun is through indoor tanning, or what we commonly see as a tanning bed tan. This is a very common approach since indoor tanning provides a concentrated approach to tanning while also spending less time in the tanning bed. While some may consider tanning beds as a lesser evil compared to sunbathing, it’s actually more dangerous.

It’s been linked that consistent exposure to the UV radiation from tanning beds can raise your chances to getting skin cancer, if not more than from sunbathing. Tanning beds provide a more concentrated radiation thus you might be getting strong UV rays while tanning under 30 minutes compared to a few hours under the sun.

Not only that, since the contraption encases you entirely, you’re much closer to the source of the radiation. This is very dangerous since you have no barrier to sift some of the UV radiation off from your body. Doing a thirty minute session per day of indoor tanning can lead to a high chance of getting skin cancer.

Not only does indoor tanning expedite the chances of skin cancer. It also causes a lot of skin ailments such as sunburn, early onset signs of aging and uneven tone. These cases are enough to dissuade anyone at the early stages but continuous exposure to indoor tanning will only lead to further harm.

If you would like to get your tanning fix without having to put yourself in further harm, you can make use of self-tanners to be able to get the summer glow. Self tanners do not make use of UV radiation thus makes it a much healthier approach to getting your tan.

What Makes Your Skin Tone Uneven

no to uneven skinTaking good care of your skin is a very important aspect to making yourself look good. There’s a lot to consider when taking better care of your skin tone. In fact, one of the common inconveniences with your skin is having uneven skin tone. Uneven skin tone can be defined in numerous ways such as lighter spots on your body, or having numerous lighter area due to a recent tan, etc.

One of the reasons why uneven skin tones happen is due to tanning. Tanning is a means to change the tone of your body by basking under the sun, using a tanning bed or through self tanning. Whichever method, you can change your skin tone through this means. Another reason why uneven skin tone an happen is recently recovering from a sunburn. Sunburn can cause your skin to peel off as a means to recover from being damaged from the sun. It’s also not a good practice to peel off skin from a healing sunburn.

Another natural cause to uneven skin tone is the production of melanin. Melanin determines the hue of your skin; the more melanin your body produces, the darker your skin tone. Another cause would be a result of inflammatory wounds, an example would be scarring from acne lesions or injuries on one’s skin turning a darker tone.

There are ways to sort out uneven skin tone. You can make use of bleaching agents such as using lemons to get rid of dark patches of skin. Another way would be to use some scar removal creams for pesky scarring that tend to stand out. Makeup is also another means to hiding uneven skin tone. However, putting on makeup everyday can be quite time consuming. Self tanners are a great method since you can put a layer of tan to get the even tone. It’s semi-permanent so you can enjoy an even skin tone for a longer time.  ­