Post Exfoliating Tips

post exfoliatingExfoliating helps your skin get rid of the layer of grim and dirt that you’ve accumulated. It’s also a great way to remove dead skin cells from your body. If you have been trying to sort out your uneven skin tone due to recently getting a tan, exfoliating it off with some loofa is the best way to go.

Exfoliation has been praised to be an important part of one’s skin care regimen. Not surprising as our body tends to slow down on pushing off the layer of dead skin cells once we hit our late 20’s. Thus our body needs a little bit of help to get the impurities off of our skin. Exfoliation gives way to youthful skin but overdoing it can leave a serious damage. It’s a good practice to exfoliate your skin twice a week at max, never go beyond that. If you think exfoliating is the end of a skin care regimen, you’re doing it wrong. Exfoliating your skin of impurities is just the beginning. You will have to do a lot of things to keep your skin in good condition after exfoliating it.

Firstly, you’ll want to avoid over-exposing it to the sun. Your skin is still young thus it can be easy for it to tan however this means you can easily get sunburned.

Do not use abrasive materials on your skin right after exfoliating. As was mentioned before, it is quite sensitive and using harsh cloth or soap can leave it sore or even irritate it. Try to use gentler soap or rub slowly when you’re cleaning it, you don’t want to have scabs on your freshly cleansed skin.

Use moisturizer after cleansing. This helps promote supple skin while also keeping it glowing. Exfoliated skin can easily dry out thus you’ll want to use gentle moisturizers, or an aloe vera if you want to go all natural.

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