Why Should You Moisturize Even At Night

night moisturizerOur skin is very puckish during summer. It’s not surprising as the air is acrider and we have more heat to deal with throughout the day. Thankfully, some nights happen to be cooler than the others. When it comes to moisturizing, we tend to do it during the day. This is when our skin is being hit by the sun’s light and thus would be damaged in the long run. This is a bad skin care practice. We tend to think that our skin isn’t under any stress at night as we sleep. That’s a false sense of security we’ve lured ourselves to thinking since our skin is just as pressured at night as it is during the day.

Therefore, there are moisturizers created for evening use. Sometimes we have nights that are too dry that it can cause a lot of harm on our skin as we sleep. In fact, we have less control of our body as we sleep thus we have some skin lesions from scratching during our sleep and the like. Moisturizers and creams soothe our skin as we sleep. They provide a barrier of care to protect our skin from further harm.

It’s important to have moisturizers at night as it also completes a good skin care regimen. As we sleep, moisturizers provide the nourishment our skin needs as we dream. Since we still go through the same amount of stress at night, moisturizers cater to the needs of our skin. If you’re a little iffy about using moisturizers before bed, you can opt for more natural ones. It’s a good practice to use aloe vera or even some honey before bed. However, you may want to dilute these ingredients or you’ll end up with ants biting on your skin in the middle of the night.

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