Things To Avoid After Sunbathing

after sunbathing tipsSunbathing is one of the most preferred methods to getting a tan. It’s quite straightforward and doesn’t need a lot of things to achieve. Most individuals prefer to do their share of sunbathing by the beach but it can also be done in the comfort of your backyard or even in a park. No matter where you do your sunbathing, it’s important to follow these tips to make sure you have a safe and worthwhile time getting a tan:

– Once you’re done sunbathing, you’ll want to avoid some hot showers for the mean time. Hot showers can dry your skin easily and getting one right after being under the sun could cause a lot of harm for your body. Opt for cool showers after sunbathing. Hot water can easily dry one’s skin which can also lead to it flaking off. You wouldn’t want to ruin your tan so quickly.

– Moisturize your skin after sunbathing. Leaving your skin parched and unattended will only cause more harm in the long run. Thus, never forget to put on some cream or lotion to ensure your skin is well-hydrated. Drink your fill of water for the day; this will also aid your skin from the onslaught of being under the sun.

– Walk around with no sunscreen. While we get the idea that darker skin has more protection against the sun’s rays, that isn’t true for tanned skin. You’ll want to lather some sunscreen before heading out especially on a hot day. Make sure to choose a sunscreen that has a wide spectrum and a high SPF value for better protection.

– Don’t stay out in the sun to get a better tan. At times, we aren’t satisfied with the tone we’ve gotten from basking under the sun. Sunbathing some more will be harmful to our body. To be able to sort this mishap, it’s a good idea to use self tanners. Self tanning can not only bolster one’s tan but also help sort out the uneven tone.

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