How to Achieve Even Tan for Body and Face

body and face tanGetting the perfect tan is one of the hardest things to achieve even to a tanning enthusiast. A lot of things can go wrong and it can lead to a bad experience when it comes to tanning. If you’d like to get the right tan for your face and body, you might resort to a doing a lot just to get the perfect tan. Tanning shouldn’t be such a stressful activity thus to ease the inconvenience, you can get the even tan on your face and body by following these steps:

  • Before you do your tanning, make sure to do your exfoliating and waxing ahead. Waxing should be two days before you tan while exfoliating should be a day at the least. This gives way for your skin to heal and pores to close before you tan. No one wants their pores to be very pronounced especially if you use self tanners as a tanning method.
  • If you’re going for sunbathing, make use of tanning oils. Coconut oil or olive oil can help speed up the tanning process so you don’t stay too long under the sun. Lather on both sides and make sure to tan at a specific time of the day. By being of the time you are sunbathing, you are optimizing the presence of the sun and the even distribution of the sun’s rays onto your skin.
  • For those who would make use of tanning beds, you may opt for lesser clothing and a good sunscreen for protection. Don’t forget to put on your protection goggles and remain still. It’s not for people who are claustrophobic but tanning beds help provide a concentrated set of UV rays to tan.
  • If all else fail from the methods above, self tanners are a great approach to getting the perfect tan. Since you can control the saturation of the tanner, you can distribute an even tone on your face and body.

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