Tips to Make Your Tan Last Longer

lasting tanGetting a great tan is the first step, trying to make it last is another. We’ve come across numerous complaints how tan can be easily removed or tampered. We surely don’t want to have an unsightly or imperfect tan despite our efforts nor do we want to shorten the time we have a tan. If you want to keep your tan looking great for quite some tip, you can follow some of these tips:

– Before you do your tan, exfoliate beforehand. Exfoliating makes way for younger skin which can be easily tanned or where self tanner can easily adhere to.

– Avoid the beach or showering with hot water. The salt content in the beach is going to dry your skin which hot water does as well. Dry skin is a bad recipe for tanned skin as it can lead to flaking off of various sections which cause a flawed tan.

– Keep yourself hydrated and moisturized. This is to add further context how dry skin is disruptive to a great tan. Make sure to use moisturizers or creams that are free of retinol since this chemical can easily wipe your self tan. Drink at least eight glasses of water a day to keep your water content in a good spot.

– Make use of sunscreen when you go. Just because you have tanned skin doesn’t mean you are already protected from the sun’s damage. One can still get sunburned despite having tanned skin so it’s a good practice to lather some sunscreen before heading out. For this concern, opt for a sunscreen that provides a wide spectrum and a high value of SPF.

– Make use of self tanners. You don’t always have all season to get your tan and chances are, it’d be too chilly to bask outside of your house. Self tanners give you that extra boost of keeping your tan without putting you through hours on end under the sun or inside a tanning bed.

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