Is Tanning Bed Safe for Kids

tanning for kidsTanning can be done by anyone. In fact, if you stay out under the sun too much, you’d get tanned skin as a side effect. While many children get their tan from staying outdoors, there are some that opt to get their tan in other means. One of the methods to get one’s tan is through tanning beds or tanning salons. Tanning salons works like sunbathing; the only difference is you’re in a much private setting and the dose of UV rays you get from tanning salons or tanning beds is concentrated.

While there’s no immediate harm when using tanning beds, you’re putting yourself in a lot of harm. Tanning through tanning beds can still give you sunburn and cause premature aging of your skin. These are some of the common issues you’ll encounter. Unfortunately, another way for tanning beds to hurt you would be to induce skin cancer. A very aggressive form of skin cancer, melanoma, can still be acquired through exposure to tanning beds. This doesn’t need to be consistent exposure. In some individuals who sparsely expose themselves to the UV radiation from tanning beds, have proven to get skin cancer. If UV radiation is done constantly, imagine the amount of damage it has done to one’s skin.

In fact, in certain states, eighteen is the legal age for individuals to use a tanning bed. With that thought in mind, children should not get inside tanning beds. If they’re adamant on getting their own tan, using a self tanner would be the most ideal method. Self tanners do not cause any harm to one’s skin and can be easily removed through cleansing.

A child’s skin is very sensitive so putting it under harsh conditions is going to do long-lasting damage that can’t be undone in the years to come.

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