Things You Can Do to Avoid Skin Cancer

avoid skin cancerAs the day goes by, we noticed how hotter our summers become. It’s not because of the mere sun blistering high above us but how our own home has become warmer and warmer. With the thought of a warmer climate, we tend to shed off more layers of clothing to alleviate the heat. In these circumstances, we place ourselves in harm’s way.

Too much exposure to the sun’s rays has led to the occurrence of skin cancer in certain individuals. Skin cancer is quite rampant in locations where there is more sun. To be able to avoid putting yourself at risk of getting skin cancer and other serious skin diseases, here are some tips you can follow:

–        If you’re into tanning, it’s best to avoid sunbathing and indoor tanning. While indoor tanning does not make use of the sun to give you the summer glow, it still makes use of UV rays to provide the change on your skin tone. As a healthier alternative, you should make use of self tanners. Self tanners make use of various chemicals to provide your skin with the bronze hue. If you would like to step up the value of your self tanners, you can use those that are organically crafted.

–        If you’re going out in the blistering heat and staying out in the sun for a long amount of time, it’s best to put on a good layer of sunscreen. When choosing your sunscreen, make sure to buy one with a high SPF level. Another tip to remember, let the sunscreen dry for at least thirty minutes before heading out. Your skin needs to absorb the sunscreen or else it will wash off.

–        Stay in the shade often especially during the danger hours which is from 9 am to 4pm.

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