How to Spot Fake Self Tanners

pexels-photo-209895Tanning has become quite the beauty trend these past few years. With numerous methods to a tan, it can be daunting to think which method is the best.

Unfortunately, it’s been known that sunbathing and indoor tanning have proven to commit adverse
effects to one’s body. In fact, it has been proven that consistently exposing yourself to the sun or to UV rays in particular, you have a higher chance of getting skin cancer. Skin cancer has risen to be the top 4 most common cancers across the globe due to this scenario. To avoid getting more and more cases of skin cancer amongst tanning addicts, self tanners were introduced.

Self tanners do not make use of any UV rays to give you the bronze hue. This is a much
healthier approach to tanning since you’re able to control the amount of tan
you can get and if you’re not keen on using chemicals to change the color of
your skin, there is an organic selection of self tanners on the market for you
to use. Unfortunately, this also means certain individuals exploiting self

There has been word of fake self tanners which is quite an odd product to sell. However,
it’s also very important to be diligent on spotting which self tanners are
authentic and safe to use.

To spot fake self tanners, you’ll have to be keen on where to get your self tanners.
Credible self tanners are sold in big outlets, malls and the like. Another way
to check their legitimacy is through reviews and their website. If their website
looks threadbare, that can be alarming or the absence of one too. Be sure to
check reviews before getting any self tanners, this can also help you pinpoint
on the ideal self tanner for your skin type.

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