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Finding the Perfect Getaway Treat for your Sunbathing Addict Friends

travel giftsGifts are always something to look forward to especially with the holidays hyping up that aspect. Finding the perfect item to match someone can be tricky but if they shine on something, looking for their gift is not a big hurdle.

Despite it being the colder season, there’s no harm on giving your friend something they can use for sunbathing. True you can’t do any of that with snow and the temperatures below the norm, it’s something they can still make use when the warmer days arrive.

Thus, to get your Christmas shopping list sorted out, here are some things you can give to your sunbathing addict friends:

– A ticket to the best place you can suggest as a sunbathing spot. A free ticket is always a great gift to receive, all the more when it’s something you can enjoy from. Since your friend can’t get their share of vitamin D during the cold season, why not offer them a trip to a beach or a ride out of the country for their sunbathing escapade? This will surely make a memorable experience for the receiver.

– A very reliable sunscreen. Sunscreen is very important to keeping one’s skin from being harmed. With the individual being constantly exposed to the sun, giving them a noteworthy sunscreen will make their sunbathing experience safe and great. No one wants to get sunburn while basking under the sun so make sure to get the ones with a high spf.

– Tan through clothing to avoid tan lines. Most sunbathing addicts dislke the look of tan lines. To some it can be a good aesthetic but to many, it’s just a pale strip of skin that had to keep them decent. For this inconvenience, you can sort it out by gifting some tan-through clothing. These fabrics are dedicated to let the sun’s UV rays through the material and tan the skin covered by it. This means an overall tan without having to sacrifice one’s decency in getting it.

– Tanning lotions to help sort out any sunbathing mishaps. There’s still a chance of getting an uneven tan through sunbathing or certain areas still lighter than usual. For this case, tanning lotions are an ideal solution since your friend doesn’t need to relent hours on end to get that side of their body to tan as well as a quick fix to small mishaps.