Is It Better To Pluck Or Shave Underarm Hair

Underarm hair has become quite a topic when left to grow. Normally, men are usually seen with their fair share of underarm hair; some others are quite proud to show their share of dark locks. For women, it’s another story. In fact, the mere sight of it causes us to determine how we should keep our underarms clean and hair-free. We turn to two known methods, plucking or shaving.


But which one really works out best for an individual?

When it comes to shaving, you need only your shaving cream and a shave. It’s a straightforward approach to getting rid of underarm hair. It’s the cheapest between the two while offering a clean result. Unfortunately, shaving your underarms can still give you razor burns even if you’re experienced with using the blade. Hair easily grows back when you shave your underarm hair and can ruin the skin’s natural cycle since it can remove a layer of skin cells.

Now, you might be thinking that plucking is a better alternative. Plucking relies only on a tweezer and plucks your underarm hair by the root. It’s a cheaper option than waxing and doesn’t do much damage to the skin than shaving. The results are semi-permanent and can be done at home much like shaving. However, plucking can take some time especially if you have dense underarm hair. It can cause small abrasions and leave your skin looking like a chicken’s due to the small bumps left from the plucking motion. This is also quite painful as your pulling each strand of hair from its roots.

All in all, these two methods can have their share of pros and cons. There’s really no right way to get rid of underarm air but if you prefer one over the other, there’s nothing wrong with that.

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