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Things To Remember When Exfoliating

pexels-photo-615493 (1)If you want to have smooth and glowing skin then you have to take good care of your skin. One way to do that is by exfoliating.  Exfoliation is the process of removing the dead cells sitting in the skin’s surface. What  do you feel after you exfoliate your skin? You’ll notice that your skin becomes smoother and has fresher look.  You should know that it’s not only the face that needs to be exfoliate, your body needs it too especially those dark part areas. Your scalp, lips, hand and feet also needs exfoliation in order to get rid of its skin problem.

What are the DOs and DON’Ts that we need to remember when exfoliating? Let’s start with the DOs that you should remember:

  • Be gentle when exfoliating your skin either your face or your body.
  • Be cautious when choosing a brand. Just to make sure it will not harm your skin.
  • Read and follow the instructions at the back of the product.
  • Choose an exfoliation product that has smaller beads.
  • The best time to exfoliate is in the morning when you take a bath or shower.
  • The proper way of applying exfoliation product is in circular motion.

In contrary, here are the DON’Ts that you should remember:

  • Do not over exfoliate your skin. Remember, your goal is to have a smoother and glowing skin, overdoing it may ruin your goal.
  • Limit your application of exfoliation product when it is summer because it will be easier for the sun to damage your skin.
  • Do not use the same product of exfoliation in your face and body. The product you use on your face is different from your body.
  • Don’t exfoliate your skin so often. Exfoliate once or twice a week.
  • Avoid using glycolic acid products, it will only irritate your skin.

How To Avoid Sunburn

Sunburn is a nasty experience that no one wants to go through no matter what the occasion. Unfortunately, we tend to underestimate the sun sometimes and end up burning our skin for staying hours on end under the sweltering rays. Despite overcast weather or clouds populating the sky, that’s not enough of a barrier for the sun on your skin.

avoid sunburn

Normally, we make use of sunscreen to avoid getting sunburn but that’s not always the solution to preventing your skin from the sun’s damage. To get a better picture, here are some tips to avoid sunburn:

  • When applying your sunscreen, make sure to let it dry before heading out. This means letting it sit for at least thirty minutes. Additionally, you’ll want to reapply it every two to three hours. If you’re particularly sweaty or at the pool, you’ll need to apply it more often as the sunscreen is washed off as the day goes by. For very young children, it’s not very advisable to put sunscreen on them just yet.
  • You can also opt to dress in protective clothing such as long sleeved shirts or pants. True, these particular clothing aren’t ideal when it’s very hot outside. However, covering more of your skin not only avoids your skin from getting tanned but also avoid getting sunburned.
  • Try to avoid the very problematic hours of the day such as lunch time until the early afternoon. In particular, the sun’s rays are quite strong from eight in the morning until four in the afternoon. Stay indoors or under the shade during these hours to avoid a nasty burn.
  • Cover your head as well, this could be from wide-brimmed hats or using umbrellas that block the sun’s rays. Your face is still susceptible to getting sunburn as well as more dangerous ailments. Due to how sensitive your facial skin is, sunburn can easily happen if you’re not wary.

Is It Better To Pluck Or Shave Underarm Hair

Underarm hair has become quite a topic when left to grow. Normally, men are usually seen with their fair share of underarm hair; some others are quite proud to show their share of dark locks. For women, it’s another story. In fact, the mere sight of it causes us to determine how we should keep our underarms clean and hair-free. We turn to two known methods, plucking or shaving.


But which one really works out best for an individual?

When it comes to shaving, you need only your shaving cream and a shave. It’s a straightforward approach to getting rid of underarm hair. It’s the cheapest between the two while offering a clean result. Unfortunately, shaving your underarms can still give you razor burns even if you’re experienced with using the blade. Hair easily grows back when you shave your underarm hair and can ruin the skin’s natural cycle since it can remove a layer of skin cells.

Now, you might be thinking that plucking is a better alternative. Plucking relies only on a tweezer and plucks your underarm hair by the root. It’s a cheaper option than waxing and doesn’t do much damage to the skin than shaving. The results are semi-permanent and can be done at home much like shaving. However, plucking can take some time especially if you have dense underarm hair. It can cause small abrasions and leave your skin looking like a chicken’s due to the small bumps left from the plucking motion. This is also quite painful as your pulling each strand of hair from its roots.

All in all, these two methods can have their share of pros and cons. There’s really no right way to get rid of underarm air but if you prefer one over the other, there’s nothing wrong with that.